Tuesday Insta-update!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

 {All photos above from our March visitors - so fun!}
 Where to start, where to start?!  It's been awhile since I've updated and shared what we are up to!

The kids are doing great.  It's hard to believe that Evie is 18 months old - she is walking/running all over the place, and saying more and more words.  She has gotten VERY opinionated and stubborn lately - she knows what she wants and when she doesn't get it, look out!  She LOVES her daddy - last night, she was calling out for him in the middle of the night.  He rolled out of bed to go check on her, only to come back saying she was dead asleep, just sleep-talking!  Precious girl sure loves him!  

Eliana seems so old lately!  She is 4.5, and is so, so ready for school!  She asks me all the time about going and when she'll be ready - she can't wait to start Pre-K in the fall!  We are still working on her numbers and letters here, and I keep talking about getting her some workbooks to go through.  She is very sensitive and if something hurts her feelings, oh boy!  When watching the movie Frozen, there is a sad part that makes her get teary-eyed every time - how did the crying-during-movies start so early with her?!?!  She could play outside all day long, and loves to dance, be a princess, and dress-up! 

Ezra cracks us up all day long.  He talks a LOT and is always asking good/funny questions - like does a turkey have a tongue, and how do chickens clean their babies, and where do alligators live?  We are in the midst of potty-training, and have made some good progress.  The boy has yet to poop in the potty, so we are working on that - he gets a BIG reward when he goes, so I don't know what he's waiting for ;)  Other than that, he has been doing a great job keeping his undies dry, and even insisted on wearing them on errands with Daddy this weekend!  

Max is good.  His class is still going well, and he's hanging in there.  I think he is getting ready for it to be done!  I can't believe we've been here almost a year, and that in just a few months, we'll be moving on to our next location...which is yet to be known!  Even though he's on the downward slope, he still really likes his class, and learning a language - sometimes, he'll come home and talk to me, looking at me like I understand every word, only to remember that although he is almost fluent, I have NO idea what he is saying!!!

A few weeks ago, he bartered some computer services for a truck. Yes, a truck!  He's been working on it the last couple of weeks, and it's finally road-ready.  It's super old and a little quirky, but suits him great - plus, he got it essentially for free!  Granted, we had to put a little bit of money into him fixing up some parts, but still!  Way cheaper than any other truck we've seen out there!  He's been taking it to work, so the kids and I have had the car more days - it's been super nice just knowing that we have a vehicle and could go somewhere if we want to!  I don't feel so trapped in the house anymore!  
The weather has been really nice lately - warm and sunny, for the most part.  Perfect for playing outside, and burning off lots of toddler energy.  If I don't get the kids outside after naps, it takes them FOREVER to wind down at night - especially Ezra, who just plays in his bed.  One night, I heard him messing around upstairs, so went up to find all his pillows and blankets off the bed.  I couldn't really see him on the top bunk.  I quickly realized he had slid under his bottom fitted sheet, and was laying flat, "hiding" from me.  It sort of freaked me out that he wiggled under there, and I was a little peeved that he wasn't sleeping, but it was pretty creative!  

I started a Veterinary Assistant course last month online, and it's been fun working on my lessons.  I was able to utilize some military spouse financial assistance, and it's entirely self-paced, which has been great for me - I can find a few hours in my evenings (like while Max is busy studying!) and do my readings/tests.  I was excited when I found this opportunity - I feel like it will somehow be a good bridge to my degree/experience.  Throughout High School and into College, I logged a LOT of hours working with animals - at a Vet's office, in the kennel, at a horse barn, with llamas, in my early-college days as an Animal Science student.  I LOVED working with animals and have many hours recorded with them.  I then went on to get a degree from college in Global Studies, with a focus on environmental sustainability and Africa.  I loved my coursework for my degree too, but it never really felt like all my hours of experience meshed with my degree.  I think that having an Vet Assistant certificate might help me out a little bit, and I am really excited about completing it!

Georgie is doing great - he's not so little anymore - and I think I'll save his update and some photos for later this week!

I have been enjoying some Lent readings the last few weeks, and am really looking forward to Easter this weekend.  We don't know what we'll be doing that day for sure - it might just be us at home, and that's fine! We talked about dying eggs on Saturday, then hiding eggs for the kids around the house Sunday morning before church.  After Easter service, we'll have an Easter dinner together, and I can't wait.  Easter is one of my favorite holidays - not for the food, but because of why we celebrate it.   

Well, the kiddos should be up from their naps soon, and I might try to knock out some of my lessons before then.  Hopefully I'll be around a little more on the blog - I miss this space!  Have a good Tuesday!

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  1. Oh my goodness that orange picture is hysterical! :)

  2. I can't believe how fast these kids grow!!

  3. I love all the little dress-up pictures!! The superhero masks and princess dresses, and even Evie's faux hawk! ;) Too cute!

  4. Can't wait to know where yall will be heading next!

  5. I loved this update - so fun to read about each person and what they're up to :)



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