Christmas is coming!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, but of course, I forgot to document most of it...I suppose that just means I was busy having fun, right?!  Our Thanksgiving dinner turned out very nice - Max was proud that the deep-fried turkey came out delicious and without any need for the fire extinguisher, ha!    

Max headed out Thanksgiving evening, to score some black friday deals - we got some late wedding money for a new TV, so he was determined to get a sweet deal, which he did, and it's now sitting in a box, waiting to be opened as a Christmas gift (thanks Tom & Judy!)!

The day after Thanksgiving has long been a decorating day in my family, and I wanted to keep that tradition going.  I made homemade caramel cinnamon rolls, turned the Christmas music on loud, and dug out our boxes of Christmas decor. It was an awesome day, and we all enjoyed pulling fun things out of the boxes, and decking the house out.  

The remainder of our weekend was laid-back, as Max, Z, and I are fighting off a silly cold - there was lots of playtime with the babes, some errands, church, plenty of time admiring the Christmas tree, and evenings spent watching Lost...Max and I have never watched any of it, so I borrowed the first season from the library, and we've been watching a few episodes here and's pretty good!

And now, if I may, allow me to introduce our spiffed up house!

the pretty tree // sparkly star // homemade tree skirt
start of our Nativity // big, fun ornaments hung across the front mirror (from here) // wreath
 98-cent poinsettia // jingle bells on the door handles // snowflakes in the windows // light-up snowman
We moved the living room furniture around, in anticipation for the new TV (it's a flatscreen, so the stand can actually be against the wall, instead of resigned to the corner!), and to have a change.  We are really liking the new set-up.  AND, we decided that we would take the next few weeks and have a TV fast (not that we even watch that much to begin with!), so we have no TV right now, which has actually been really, really great!  
a Holiday collage I made a few years ago // waiting-to-be-filled angel frame // Santa Clauses
these hurricanes have been referred to as wine glasses for giants (also from here) // ready-to-be-filled Christmas card ribbon
 pinecone garland above the kitchen sink (easy and free!)
Our stockings are hung in the stairwell, and we also have a string of snowmen lights outside the front door on the railing, but I forgot to snap photos of them.  We have been very blessed to get many of our decorations as gifts and as hand-me-overs from Mama D - plus, I also have fun making some of our own stuff :)

 I am loving all the Christmas decorations - it feels so festive!  Plus, being able to sit in front of the lit tree at night is such a peaceful, relaxing feeling.  I can't wait to go through the advent season with our little family, and to then celebrate Christmas.  It will be our first Christmas together as a family, on our own, and I am eager to begin traditions and to see how the babes take it all in - I think L will understand a lot this year, and we are eager to teach her what Christmas means.

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  1. Cute decorations, your house looks lovely!

  2. So Cute. Our tree is going up today, because the MIL took over the room it was going in when they were all visiting. And the Marine is gone again so no arguments about the tree this year. haha

  3. That's so lovely. Your snowflakes turned out much better than mine, lol. :) I really would love to make a pine cone garland like that- we have several pine trees nearby.

  4. It looks great! I wish I could convince my husband to go TV-less. I'm content with my music playing all day. But whatever. :) So happy you're carrying on the decorating tradition. We do the same thing here. Sweet luvins!

  5. Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving!

    Your house looks adorable, love all the decorations!!

  6. Very fun Christmas decor! I'm happy my mom is waiting for me to get home to set-up the tree since I didn't really get to decorate this year.



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