Halloween 2013

Monday, November 04, 2013

My little zebra, giraffe, and duck.  I tried to convince Eliana and Ezra to wear different costumes, but they were determined that they wanted to be a zebra and duck again this year.
Oh well - they made cute little animals, even if it was a repeat on last year!  

We carved and painted pumpkins with Great-aunt Kathy & Great-uncle David the day before Halloween.
The kids painted their little pumpkins, while Kathy & David worked on the big one.  
 Daddy joined in for Trick-or-Treating.  We walked around the neighborhood, stopping at each house, so the kids could run up and ring the bell, waiting to shout 'trick-or-treat!' and holding out their pumpkins.  They had a great time, for the most part.  There was one house that may have scarred Ezra for life.  The kids ran up to ring the doorbell, while Max and I waited back on the sidewalk.  They pushed the bell, and from our view, we saw the blinds flick open and a werewolf appear (the kids couldn't see him from their spots).  It was obvious to us that next, he was going to swing the door open and be there, but the kids had no idea what was coming.  The door swung open at the same time a loud horn blew, and the scary werewolf appeared at the door, holding a bowl of candy.  Ezra shrieked in high decibels, then turned and raced down the sidewalk, loudly crying.  Eliana stood rooted in her spot (I can't imagine what her face said…), took her candy and race-walked back to us.  Ezra ran to us for comfort (he was so freaked out!), but when he turned around and saw the scary werewolf holding candy out, he quickly ran back up and grabbed the candy from him!  He was scared, but obviously not enough to refuse candy!  The rest of the night he was really cautious about ringing doorbells, and usually let Eliana do it!  Poor little guy.  It was one of those moments that I felt bad for him, because I would have been scared too, but watching the entire scene was a bit comical.  If we had captured it on video - it would have been worth a few good chuckles :)

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  1. The costumes are amazing! :) Super cute. :)

  2. I love their costumes! Such cute animals!
    I'm glad Ezra went back and got candy. Em would have said forget that!

  3. too cute. as always, your gang makes me laugh :)

  4. Oh, poor Ezra, that would be scary!

  5. Fun costumes! That's so funny about Ezra.



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