To Ezra, on his 3rd birthday.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

I can't help but look back on the day you were born and marvel at the way that God orchestrated the details.  Your Daddy making it home for R&R just days before your birth, to witness his baby son born into the world.  The way you came flying into the world - you had been days late, but then once you were ready, you were really ready, and you came much faster than anybody anticipated.  I remember how I had kept telling the Doc you were going to be big, and he never seemed to be believe me.  The look on his face when they weighed you at 10 lbs 2 oz was priceless, and I so badly wanted to say 'I told you so!'.   

I had no idea what it was going to be like to have a second baby only one year after Eliana.  I had no idea if you two would be close or if it would be harder because you were both so young.  But now, when people ask me about the two of you being so close in age, I just smile and tell them I can't imagine it any other way, and that I am so glad you came so close behind your sister.  The way you two interact and love on each other is beautiful.  You two definitely have your moments, but the way you are friends just makes this mama's heart melt.  You adore your sisters, and I love that about you.  

We named you Ezra because your Daddy loved the name.  It means 'help', and you sure love to help.  You are always wanting to help me with dinner or laundry or getting me shoes or finding Evie's pacifier or picking up toys or turning on the lights.  I love that about you - your willingness to help and serve and find ways to love on others.  

Oh, my little son.  You are full of excitement and new ideas and confidence.  You have boundless energy, sitting still for just about nothing.  You give the best and tightest "big squeezes" ever, and I love the way you notice my earrings or the way I did my hair.  You carry on the funniest conversations, asking about details that I never remember, and I adore how you say 'that's amazing!'.  I am so blessed to be your mama - my prayer is that you would grow into a man who loves Jesus more than anything in the whole world.  

I love you, Ezra Maxwell.  I am proud to call you my son.  Happy Birthday!

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  1. This is so sweet! Happy Birthday, Ezra! :)

  2. Love this so much! What a precious boy. Happy birthday Ezra!

  3. So sweet!! Happy Birthday, Ezra!

  4. How is it his birthday already?! I remember when he was born! Happy birthday!

  5. I love your letters to them. So sweet.



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