Long weekend {4th of July 2013}

Monday, July 08, 2013

At the parade, decked out in our red, white and blue!  
Sisters, playing.  Boxes are so much fun.  Entertainment for hours!
Some of the neighborhood turkey's that wander around!  They are such funny birds!
Uh-Oh!  I have a climber on my hands!  Better get that baby gate out!  
Sunday afternoon quiet time for mama consisted of fun sewing projects, hot coffee, monkey bread, and sunshine.  We had a rough morning doing church and lunch, so I was in much need of a recharge.  
Going to the carwash Sunday afternoon, with the kids, for some cheap entertainment - and a clean car!
Max had a long weekend off from school and training, which was AWESOME!  It was so nice having him home for a couple of days in a row - we all enjoyed having Daddy around to hang out with.  I have a love-hate with the pictures I took.  I love that I took a few to remember our weekend, but I am a little sad that I didn't take more, and that I didn't pull out my camera to do so!  There was so much that I could have documented, but I guess I was too busy enjoying our moments to do so, and that's the better thing!  So the phone photos above will suffice for now!  

The 4th of July, we got up and headed downtown for a parade.  It was a great parade, and we all had a great time!  We found a great place to sit along the curb, and Max walked down to the donut shop to get treats for the kids while we were waiting for the parade to begin.  There were helicopters and firetrucks, dancers and drummers, bagpipers and dogs, bikes and old cars - it was fun, and a great way to start our day!  We headed home for naps, before having some of Max's classmates over for dinner and games that evening.  It was a good day, celebrating our country's independence day!  

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out and doing family stuff - going to the park, watching movies, running simple errands, having family dance parties, eating delicious food, playing outside, reading books, going to church, working on house projects (the red chairs are almost all done!!), and finishing my beloved Friday Night Lights series (what in the world am I going to do with myself now that I've watched it all, lol?!).  Max did wake up yesterday feeling pretty crummy, which stunk, but I was glad he got a chance to rest most of the day - hopefully his cold will go away fast, and the rest of us won't be affected!!    

I so enjoyed just spending time together, and being able to have Max around - it was fantastic, and I was a little sad to see it come to an end this morning.  But we had some lovely moments and memories, and soaked up our time together, and for that, I am thankful and happy.  

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  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! Love the coordinating outfits. :) I saw on a previous post that y'all were new to the area? Are you stationed around Monterey? Kate (http://daffoldilshope.blogspot.com/) just moved from there to DC. Maybe that's helpful, maybe not. But I saw Big Sur and thought that's where y'all might be!

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! Love the pictures from the parade.

  3. I love your family! I just want to give you all a great big HUG!!! :)

  4. Love the pictures! Glad you had some extra time as a family this weekend - I know that's a blessing!

  5. Love their outfits! So cute!



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