The things they say. V.7

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Oh you know, just another installment of the things that my kids say.  Enjoy!

While having breakfast the other day...
Ezra: I have a wife!
Mama: You do?!
Ezra: Yep! I have a wife!
Mama: Where is she?
Ezra: On the floor!
Daddy, to Ezra: Yeah, sometimes my wife is on the floor too, buddy...

And then, we had a conversation about a poodle we saw last 4th of July...
Eliana: And then we will bring the poodle home!
Daddy: Yes!  We'll find a poodle, and bring it home!
Eliana: Yeah.  And then we'll eat it!
Daddy: Ummmm...

After going to the store, where we had seen a container of cheese poof balls.
Eliana, to Daddy: Hey! Can you get me some of those cheese poops, please?

While changing Ezra's diaper...
Mama: Whew!  You have a stinky booty!
Ezra: Yeah, my booty is really sneaky.

Talking about love and marriage with the kids one day...
Mama: And then you fall in love and get married!
Eliana: I want to get married!  Ezra, let's get married!
Ezra: Ok!  I'll be Joseph!

In the car, talking about how Daddy shaves his face...
Eliana: And then I will shave my face too!
Daddy: No, Eliana, girls don't shave their face!  Only boys do.
Eliana: No!  Girls do too!  I am going to shave mine!
Mama: Uh, no honey, only boys shave their faces.
Eliana: NO! That one girl, on Shrek, she shaved her face!  So I can too!

After watching The Lorax one morning, I overheard Ezra singing one of the songs (that goes something like this - "How baa-aa-aa-aad can I be, how bad can I possibly be?")...
Ezra: Oh backpack backpack can I BEEP!

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  1. Haha that first conversation with Ezra is too funny!

  2. I love the convo about getting married!! Too adorable!

  3. "I'll be Joseph!" LOL That's when you know you're doing something right, mama! Cute kids!



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