Happy things.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The little things that are making me smile this week:
Getting up with Max every morning, and getting my 30 day shred on.  Oh, and my bright orange shoes.
This girl.  She has been skipping a lot of her afternoon naps lately.  On this particular day, I told her she could read books quietly.  I had brought their carseats in for some deep-cleaning, and she asked if she could sit in it and read.  She brought a huge pile of books over, climbed in, and buckled herself in for some reading.  It was cute, and she stayed there for almost an hour!  Glad I have kids that love to read!
 We made a snail friend this week.  Sort of.  L ran in the house with the snail (who was all the way in his shell...) and I told her that it was alive!  She proceeded to scream and throw the snail out the door, and then start crying dramatically.  I don't think she realized there was actually a snail inside!  I got the poor little snail and tried to use it as an educational experience for the kids - letting them watch the snail come out of its shell, and slide around.  I left them outside with it for a minute, and came back out to find they had covered the poor thing up with a huge pile of dirt, in an effort to "kill" it (no idea why!!!).  I once again rescued it and brought it inside to rinse the dirt off.  The kids then decided that we should keep it inside until Daddy got home, so they could show him.  Once that happened, I took the snail back outside (in the front, where the kids couldn't get to him!!!).  Oh, what an adventure, ha! 
 Little babes who are big enough for swinging fun.  Evie chats and smiles the whole time.
 Pretty pink flowers greeting me each morning.  
 This girl.  Dressed in a super cute duck romper that I wore when I was a babe!  
 I am loving my time in the morning, journaling and reading.  So good and so refreshing.
 These two.  Holding hands to cross the street.  Makes my heart all puffy and happy to watch them.  Oh, and L's outfits lately...she had on her flower shorts and her purple fringe boots!  I love her sense of style, and that she loves to pick out her clothes!
Coffee with frothy almond milk.  What more can I say?!  
Hope y'all have a happy day - and look for the little things that make you smile :)

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  1. I love the bright orange shoes!

  2. I'm loving those purple boots! So cute!

    Ohhhh the 30 day shred. I'll be starting that again soon. Not too excited! haha

  3. Your girlies' outfits are darling! And good for you for getting up early to do the shred.. i can't remember the last time i've had that kind of energy! I feel like I need that cup of coffee in my hand right now ;)

  4. Those kids are so funny. I laughed out loud at the snail story!



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