Haircuts, MN & snacks in the sun.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

 Pretty sure the above is one of the only photos I ended up taking on my camera when Evie and I traveled to MN two weekends ago.  One of my dear friends was going to be in town for a baby shower, and it was the first time in a few years that a group of my close girlfriends would all be together, so I booked my ticket and left the kids here in AZ with my parents.  It felt like a whirlwind trip, but it was awesome.  I got to hang out with my dear girlfriends, enjoying good conversations, lots of laughing, and yummy food.  I was able to see some of my family, and even celebrate my birthday a week early.  I was excited to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a sweet baby boy due in June.  I got to visit with one of my dear friends from college, and spend time chatting over tea and scones.  It was a fantastic weekend, and did my heart so much good.  

I feel incredibly blessed to have the friends that I do.  I don't think I realized how special they were to me, until the past few years.  I guess I assumed that everybody has a close-knit group of girlfriends who have been friends for years.  But over the last few years, as I have moved from MN, gotten married, and had kids, I have come to see that isn't necessarily the case, and that I am so very blessed in having the friends that I do.  We have had our share of moments, from happy ones to crazy ones, and have been able to share life together, even when it gets messy and dirty and scary!  I miss them all much, with all of us living scattered around the country, but I am so glad that we can have weekends like we did, where we just pick up where we left off - eating cookies, watching goofy movies, sharing our lives, and laughing until we have tears running down our faces. Sure do wish we were neighbors!

Other than heading to MN two weekends ago, and celebrating my birthday last weekend, we haven't done anything too exciting - it's been a lot of playing in the sun outside, spending time with Bibi and Babu, and getting treats.  It's been nice to relax, to be here in AZ with my parents, while we wait for our house in CA to be ready, and for our stuff to arrive.  Max starts class this week, and has been busy exploring the Monterey area.  We are excited for our family to all be together soon, but for now, we are enjoying what feels like a mini vacation in the land of sun!  
 The kids, after they got their haircuts last week.
 Smoothie and rice cake snacks with Babu.
 Another sunny snack time.
Ezzy, gobbling up pineapple like it's candy.

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  1. When did L start looking so grown-up? She definitely has more of the toddler/preschooler look to her now, so sweet!

  2. Great photos! :) I have a friend that lives in Monterey, she really likes it there.

  3. So nice that you were able to enjoy your weekend away! I think a refreshing weekend like that makes us better mothers, I know that's how it feels for me anyway! You look gorgeous, as always! xo



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