Sabino Canyon

Saturday, May 04, 2013

 All ready for our tram ride/picnic lunch/hike!
 On the tram!
 Babu and L quickly got rid of their shoes and waded in the little stream.  
 Silly Babu, it was a little chilly, and a little deeper than he realized!
 Such a gorgeous day!
 Picking rocks out.
 Can you see Evie peeking out?!
 Where's Max?!
 Daddy and his boy.
 Bibi and Eliana.
Hey look!  We see a snake!

A couple of weeks ago, shortly after arriving here in AZ, we decided to go to Sabino Canyon for the morning.  We slathered ourselves with sunshine, packed a picnic lunch, and laced up our shoes.  It was a gorgeous day and the canyon was beautiful.  There is a tram that drives up and down the entire way, so we hopped on.  We went up to the top, and then came partway back down, before getting off and finding a spot for our lunch.  After lunch, we walked a ways, finding a pretty little stream.  My dad and the kids quickly kicked off their shoes and waded in the water, picking up rocks and splashing around.  We hiked a little ways down, then caught the tram the remainder of the way.  We saw lots of little lizards, birds, and even a few snakes.  A lovely day, for sure - and after all that fresh air and sun, we all slept good that night!

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  1. beautiful! Looks like you guys had a blast. I'm a tad jealous of your adventure. :)

  2. Love the Arizona desert hiking!



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