Weekend Visit to Charlotte

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The weekend before last, we packed up our bags, loaded into the van, and headed to Charlotte, to visit my Great-Aunt and Uncle.  It was a lovely getaway for us, and we were greatly spoiled - with lots of yummy food and treats, trips to the Discovery Center in Charlotte and the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC, a manicure/pedicure for mama, and tons of fun with Kathy & David.  

I brought my camera, but of course, only pulled it out at the Zoo!  We really liked the Riverbanks Zoo - the animals were fairly close, and although we walked all day, we didn't have to walk forEVER to see animals.  It was perfect for the kids, and they loved seeing all their favorite animals.  And being with Kathy & David, who they pretty much adore.  
When we move, we will miss being so close to family, and taking occasional weekend trips, but we know we'll see Kathy & David again soon, and we have such awesome memories to take with us.  

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