The little things that made me smile.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Want a glimpse of the little things that made me smile today?!
Such simple things that turned my not-so-happy morning into a much better day, and reminded me to be thankful, that I can choose joy, even when it might not be my first choice.  
A friend and I spent an evening this week crafting - I sewed paper hearts together and hung them in a frame.  SUPER easy decoration for this month!  // toys strewn all over the floors, reminding me of my precious (and sometimes crazy wild, and slightly naughty) children

Oh coffee, what would I do without you?! // SO happy our clownfish have made it into their new tank and are no longer residing in a huge bucket on my kitchen counter!

A sweet, encouraging note from my mama // Evie, hanging with her Daddy.  
Loving the grins and giggles from Evie // our houseguest for the week // I broke out my embroidery floss and a hoop this week - I might be slightly smitten // Funny Ezzy, hiding in a bucket, trying to make me smile this morning!

So thankful for the simple joys in life, and for the way that God is teaching me to take notice of the little gifts He places right in front of me, every single day. 

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Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. Such wonderful pictures. :)

  2. Oh, your heart frame turned out great!

  3. Your perspective is beautiful. Love those sweet baby smiles, and that embroidery is awesome! xo

  4. oooh! i super love your little "hope" embroidery hoop. is it easy to learn? i'm kind of clumsy with a needle and thread-scissors and paper are more my thing-but i've seen these around a lot lately, and i love them! your week looks all kinds of lovely. :-)



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