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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A few weeks ago, I shared about Max reenlisting for another five years in the Marine Corps.  Not only did he reenlist, but he got a new job, as a linguist, which he is very excited about - the job change was something that he talked about doing for over a year.  I am very proud of him for getting the job that he wanted, and for the hard work that he put in!  

We found out last week that his next phase of training will be in Monterey Bay, California.  And that he has to be there by the end of April.  Which means that we'll be making a big move cross-country in the next 2-3 months!  

Talk about exciting!  And slightly overwhelming!  I feel there is a lot to be done/get ready in the next few months, preparing for a move, and then the actual move process!  This will be my first military move/PCS, so I don't know what exactly to expect.  

Any good advice on moving/PCS'ing?!  With kids?  In a short amount of time?

We are all excited.  We will miss our home here in NC, as it is the first place we've lived as a family, and we have some good friends here, but we are also very excited for the big adventure and new experiences that lie ahead of us!  Our little family will soon be California bound!

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  1. That is really excited!!! I have a friend that lives in that area of CA and they love it. My biggest advice is just will all be ok. :)

  2. Wow! Good luck Kaylee, I'm sure you will have a ball wherever you happen to be living. :)

  3. Congratulations! I am so happy for you all!

    I know absolutely nothing about PCS'ing with kids, but I do know that you with handle it well, like you always do!

  4. So cool! PCSing can be stressful but super fun. It'll be great!

  5. 6 moves in 12 years, none with children so I can't help there. Plus we typically DITY (do it ourselves) move because we get a HUGE extra chunk of $$$.
    Take pictures of all the heavy/important expensive stuff, write down serial numbers, etc
    make sure the important files of marriage certificate, birth certs, etc are available while driving/flying
    And know that something is always lost or broken..

    I've heard AMAZING things about Linguistic schooling in CALI and yall will probably LOVE it there. I hear there's an AMAZING aquarium, too!

  6. Wow! I will be praying for you guys during this change!

  7. Big changes!! But so exciting! I don't have any specific advice, but one thing I will say from my experience with moving with a young child, is to expect things to be crazy for awhile, expect more meltdowns during the transition period, give lots and lots and lots of grace both to your kids and to yourself. It's hard on everyone, but I am confident that you guys will thrive and love it, especially since you are doing it together as a family! Excited for you!! (and California, how awesome is that?!) xo

  8. Monterey was AMAZING for the 3 days we were there for a wedding at NPS.

    Seriously, you won't do wrong there. The eateries, the hobbies, and the outtings...I'm jealous already! I would give a left pinky toe to live there (mainly because it looks like Oregon!). :)

  9. Darn! I was so hoping for a get-together once we moved to Georgia and were able to visit NC more often! Oh, well... That's military life for you. :) Quite an exciting change, though! I may have some advice once we move, but I've got nothing for you right now! :P I hope it goes smoothly!

  10. Very exciting! I've always liked the visits I've had to Cali and the west coast.



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