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Friday, August 17, 2012

This week has been pretty laid back around here.  I don't know if we just didn't have much planned, or if I have been more tired than usual (or just avoiding the outside heat...), but we've spent a lot of time inside, playing and hanging out.  Our time hasn't seemed to drag on and on, so I figure we are keeping plenty busy, in spite of not going many places.  

We have made a lot of tents, colored messy toddler pictures, played with play-doh, read a ton of books, and spent time on the porch riding our bike and car.  It's been a low-key week, but a good one.
 I bounce between having zero energy and taking naps when the kids do, to having a lot of motivation and desire to work on projects.  It's this back-and-forth between feeling exhausted and wanting to "nest" like crazy.  Earlier this week, we rearranged our living room - it was a simple furniture switch - the chair with the play kitchen (if you want to see what it USED to look like, check it here), but I like it.  I love moving things around, and making small changes - with furniture, my hair, the blog - I just like change in small amounts!  It's fun and makes life interesting!  
For whatever reason, I felt the need for more color in our space, so cut up some fabric scraps and made a few garlands to hang up - one above the play kitchen and another above the sink.  I also took a frame I had, wrapped it in extra fabric and called it a new door wreath.  I think it needs a little something else (a letter hanging in the middle or some flowers glued on the side or SOMEthing...), but for now it is good.

Once we moved the chair, I felt like we needed some artwork above it.  I stapled some fabric over a canvas I had, hung up the photo of L, and a random red frame I had laying around.  I intend to eventually hang little photos in the red frame, but until I get around to printing some small, updated photos, the scrap fabric garland will have to do.  
Our week may not have been crazy, but it's been good.  And in spite of not feeling like we have done a lot, I have gotten a lot on my list done - gotta keep at it, checking little things off here and there, before our little baby #3 decides to make it's grand entrance :)

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