AZ Vacation Photos: Randoms

Saturday, August 18, 2012

You may or may not be happy to know that this is the last of our Arizona vacation photos.  I shared most of our big adventures, and then realized I still had a few randoms that were taken.  So, without further ado, the end of our AZ vacation photos and stories...

One evening, after dinner, we took a drive through the mountains - through fields (is that what you call them?!) of cactus, bathed in dusky, golden sunlight.  It was gorgeous, a very different view than we are used to here in the lush, coastal forests of NC!  Plus, it was just plain fun driving up and in and over the mountains (even if Mama D had to prepare herself!)!
 One of the many evening bubble baths that L & Z enjoyed in Bibi and Babu's big tub.
 One of the main reasons we made the trek to AZ was an Up with People Reunion - I traveled in UWP a little over 5 years ago, and it was time for us to come back and have a little reunion.  Which happened to be in Tucson.  Which happens to be where my parents recently moved back to.  So we made the whole thing into a 2-week family vacation.  The reunion was towards the tail-end of our time in AZ and wouldn't you know, I didn't take one photo of those three days?!  Seriously!  Me!  The one who is constantly snapping.  I guess I just got caught up in catching up with friends, and sharing stories, tears, laughter and many hugs.  It was fantastic seeing the people I traveled with, and with whom I shared such an incredible experience.  Those three days were full and included many late nights for this mama - and left me eagerly anticipating our 10-year reunion!  

Not only did I travel in UWP, but my parents also traveled (and actually met through UWP!) way back in the day - as well as an uncle and aunt, and then my brother a few years ago.  I guess it's been a family thing, ha!  My Uncle Lee came into town for his 30th UWP Reunion, and it was great seeing him.
The kids did fairly well with the 3-hour time difference, but we had a bit of a rough time in the afternoons - somedays, naps just weren't happening...which made for crabby babes.  
Snuggling with Daddy, watching a show, trying to rest for a bit.
L & Z with their Bibi and Babu.  
Overall, we had such a great vacation to AZ.  We loved spending time with Bibi & Babu, experiencing desert sights and sounds, and getting away from home for a few weeks to relax.  

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  1. What a fun trip!! What's this Up with People thing?



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