AZ Vacation Photos: Pools & the Children's Museum

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The view from a family friend's pool was just gorgeous!  We spent a morning there and wore the kids out, floating and splashing around in the water.  Ezzy is a bit more hesitant about getting in and swimming, but L is a little fish...I think she could've spent the whole day in that pool!
A few evenings, while in AZ, the kids would go outside, rip off all their clothes, and play away in the kiddie pool on the patio.  It was a great end to many of our days.  I think they spent more time dumping water into various buckets/trucks/cups than actually "swimming" - but they had a blast!
Bibi took us to the Tucson Children's Museum one morning.  It was a great size and had great activities for L and Z.  They enjoyed seeing emergency vehicles, a submarine, science experiments, and playing with trains, sandboxes, a "grocery store", and banging on instruments.  
One day, we packed sandwiches and met Babu at his office for lunch.  It was fun seeing where he works and meeting some of his staff - plus, the kids got a kick out of playing with Babu during the workday!

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  1. That view is beautiful! I didn't know your dad was working in Tucson, do they live there now?

  2. That view is great! I love the naked babies playing in the pool too haha



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