12 in 2012. August Edition.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

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It has taken me a few days to get this done, because the weekend went way too fast, and before I realized, it was already the 12 of August, and I just barely remembered that I have goals this year.  Ha!  I guess that gives you a good idea of how they have been going this month.  I'll be honest: going on vacation did not help with much goal progress in the past few weeks.  It gave us a chance to relax and leave behind our usual routine, which was just lovely - but I also left everything at home, meaning I didn't work on anything while in AZ.  Which was good, and needed.  But just equals not much progress this month on goals.  Ah well.  The year is not over yet!

1. Community Living: No definite progress here, but in September there are a few Bible studies starting up, and I am eager to join one or two. 

2. Physical Activity: Still trying to work out a few times a week.  Last week I did great until the weekend and then it went out the window.  This week, I've made it my goal to work out 5 of the 7 days.  We'll see how I do.  My bigger challenge lately has been my eating, and more, WHAT I am eating.  I just want cake and cookies and chocolate and ice cream.  All very delicious things, but not in the amount I've been consuming them.  I need to cut back - I don't want an 11-pound baby emerging from my body in a few weeks!

3. Read 15 books: I have not touched any books (except the Bible) in the past month.  I had the best intentions to read on vacation, but I did not.  It was more fun relaxing and talking, than it was to read.  So nothing new here.  I have a whole pile of books to read though, and more on my list, of course!  I have been reading along with #SheReadsTruth and am in Proverbs - seriously, good stuff, y'all.  God is tugging on my heart - and I am being challenged.  I need so much grace.  Always.

4. Manual photography skills: Still working on it, still nothing big here. Would still like to find some more online tutorials and learn more of the technical side of what I have been doing with my settings - I can make the camera do what I want it do, and mostly understand what is going on, but I want to add some more knowledge to it.

5. Outside walks/playtime: The kids literally beg me to play on the porch multiple times a day, so we do.  They LOVE it.  And I love that they love it.  They have to learn to share their car and bike (which often involves many tears and mama intervening a LOT, ha!), and they get to play with chalk (that sometimes finds it's way inside the house, like yesterday, when I found blue chalk all over my wall!), and interact with nature (there was a lizard on the screen yesterday that we were all very enthralled by...).  The whole walks thing has not been happening.  I just can't do it during the day anymore.  Give it a few more weeks, when it's not quite as hot, and we'll get back to it.

6. Creative and structured toddler activities: We've been working on ABC's through a fun book we bought.  I would like to find some more material to practice numbers and colors too.  And maybe create some time into our usual routine that we all sit down and work on them for a few minutes, a couple of times a week.  I think the kids would think it was fun.

7. Journal consistently: Going a little better.  Not great, but I've made an effort this last month.

8. Date night 1x/month: We got to go on THREE dates while in AZ!  It was such a blessing!  I am hoping for another this month, especially with baby #3 coming soon - only question...what to do that would be fun and cheap and creative?!

9. Grow a garden: Well, my plants and flowers took a beating while on vacation, but I think they are coming back.  My garden is growing...and so are the weeds.  I REALLY need to get out there and pull weeds - maybe the kids should help me...or maybe that will equal half the garden getting ripped out too?!?!

10. 10 min/day of "Be still and know" time: The last week, I have been making this time a priority each morning, and I am loving it.  It is so good for my heart.

11. Craft time: Yesterday, I got this incredible desire to make things.  So, some pillows and a new front-door wreath, and some garlands, and a new wall hanging were made.  All in a naptime.  Yeah, since when do I get that much sewing/crafting done?!  It was nice to have some inspiration and motivation to work on things - and it's fun to have a few new things around.  I still have a few more pillows to sew up to add to the couches, and a few other little house/baby projects - and a lot of desire to work on them! 

12. Baby #3: Doing well.  Growing well.  Moving a LOT.  The Doc called him/her a 'maniac' baby the other day.  Dunno if I want to take that as a compliment?  I guess I have a VERY active baby, ha!  Getting so, SO excited to meet our little one, and become a family of FIVE!

Ok, so now that I have gone through these, I realize I have made SOME progress - more than I thought!  Although I definitely still have some progress to make - some things to work on, which is good!  I like having direction and goals to work on - it's good for me!

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  1. You should post pictures of the crafts - I wanna see :)

  2. You have some good goals. Keep at it!



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