AZ Vacation Photos: Bubbles & Parks

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

We play a lot outside, so it was only natural that we played a lot outside while in AZ.  Auntie Alison was able to spend a few days with us, which was fantastic.  So happy to see her in person,  to catch up with her, and to spend some time blowing bubbles together...
 We also had a few afternoons that we trekked to a few playgrounds/parks.  The kids LOVE going to the park, so it was just perfect - spending time outside (although one day it was HOT, so it was a short-lived trip, ha!), wearing the babes out, and getting to play on the slides and swings - so fun!
Babu, and his grand babes. I love L's cheesy grin!
This smile!  She was having so much fun on this windy tube slide!
The view from one of the parks.  
And, a random picture from our trip.  The kids found these glasses at my parents house - I think they were once made/worn by my brother for a Halloween costume - and it was seriously so funny to see the kids walking around wearing them!  I giggled every time!

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  1. Oh that last photo is just cute!

  2. Cute photos, and I love your yellow tank top. What a stylish momma-to-be!



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