Come On In {a tour}, part 2!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A few weeks ago, I invited y'all for a little tour of our home.  There was a promise at the end to share the upstairs, and I finally got around to taking a few pictures!  

So, come on upstairs!

Don't mind the lovely llama picture at the top of the stairs.  It doesn't necessary fit in with the rest of our house, but I suppose we do have a conglomeration of decorating themes going on anyways.  I have plans to paint the llama frame black, as I have no other gold-framed photos anywhere in the house!  
 We'll start with the bathroom.  Fishy themed, go figure!  With a bright blue, polka-dot shower curtain.  It's bright and fun and makes me smile.  
 Next up, the babe's room.  I shared photos of their shared room a few months ago.  It's undergone a few changes lately.  Z's crib had to be moved to a different wall, after finding out that he could reach the blinds and would pull them out when he was supposed to be sleeping.  And we made the decision about a month ago, to put L back into her crib.  Bedtime had become this horrible, stressful battle between L and us, and was too much of a power struggle.  We needed to set stricter boundaries for a time.  Funny thing, she was actually excited to be back in her crib.  Silly child.  So it is back to 2 cribs, but bedtime has been going SO much better since then!  
The guest room/crafty space.  You'll notice a bunch of stuff piled up around the dresser.  Mostly projects I have lined up to work on.  And I just bought a desk to keep my sewing machine on.  It is so nice to have a permanent spot to keep my machine out - definitely makes working on those projects so much easier!  
The door to the master bedroom, with the bathroom straight ahead of you.
Entering the bathroom, you'll see the door to the closet, which is huge and I think I could have both my kids sleep in there, ha!  I love having the space, especially with all of Max's uniforms and accessories.  The collage hangs above the toilet and is one I made before L was born.  I just really like it and it makes me smile every morning.
 Going back out of the bathroom and into our room.  
 There is a fish tank currently in our room.  It holds the prized pair of clownfish, but is supposed to only be temporary, until the huge tank downstairs is ready for fish.  I don't mind the fish in our room, but it'll be nice to have that space back again soon - plus, that's where Baby #3 will sleep (in a pack-n-play) for his/her first few months.  

I LOVE the pillows on our bed - I call them the 'peacock' pillows, because the peacock feathers I have on the corner of the dresser were my inspiration.  I think they might be the favorite thing I bought when getting ready to move in.  Max, on the other hand, thinks they are foofy and silly.  He likes to hide them at night, if he gets to bed first, so that I can't find them in the morning.  It's quite the funny game!  

The bookshelf between the windows started out as a dresser, but we didn't need another dresser, and were low on space for books.  So, I took the drawers out, put plywood down on shelves, painted it and VOILA (Mama D was a big help with it...).  It works great for book space and as a place for Max to dump stuff at the end of the day.  
There ya have it!  The upstairs and a complete home tour!  
Hope you enjoyed seeing a little glimpse into where we do life together!

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  1. Lovely! You have a wonderful and cozy home!

  2. Cute home :) I love seeing other peoples homes!!

  3. So cute! Are you going to have to convert the guest room into another kid room when #3 comes along?

  4. I love the layout of it!

    And I love your room.

  5. You have a beautiful home!! Do the children do well sleeping together?



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