L & Z share a (decorated!) room.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A couple of months ago, we switched the guest room and kids room around, so that the kids could enjoy a bigger space - and we used that time to transition L to a "big girl" bed.  I've had grand plans to decorate in their room, but it wasn't until Auntie Alison was here last week that I finally got most of it done (sneak peek here!).  I was so excited to stick artwork on the walls, that I took all the pictures without even filling a few of the frames with pictures, ha ha!!  Yesterday afternoon, I did print out the 3 pictures I wanted and now the room is mostly complete.  There are a few more things I want to do - hang a really cool, 3D star in the reading corner, as well as hang a few scrap fabric banners from the corners, just to add some dimension and more color.  Those two things may not be done for another month or so...

Until then, here is their (mostly!) completed room:
Z's crib
 I typed up a verse that means a lot to me, in regards to Ezra.  I memorized it while pregnant with him, and it was my mantra during his delivery - hence I feel like it's "his" verse.  The elephant canvas was inspired by this pin.  We repainted the "Z" to match the room, and like I said, I printed out a photo for the frame.  It's a sweet picture of Z and his daddy and fits very nicely!
 The changing table area & rocking chair.  
The sweet giraffe print was a gift from Auntie Aimee, before L was born.  The rocking chair is a hand-me-down from my parents.  And the flowers have been around since I was a little girl - they have been painted and re-painted over and over and over again.  Currently, they are a deep purple and L loves hanging her clothes on them!
L's bed
L's collection of animals and dolls - of course we couldn't do anything or sleep without them!  Some are gifts, some are dolls I had as a little girl and some are from Max's childhood.  I made the owl canvas, inspired from this pin.  And the circle fabric flag banner was inspired by this pin.  I had an extra embroidery hoop and some extra scrap fabric, so put it together and LOVE it!
The reading corner and Jorge the giraffe (he is seriously so big, I don't know where else to keep him!).  Oh, and funny story.  When Alison was here visiting last week, Max snuck him into her shower one morning.  She went to turn the water on and the huge Jorge was staring at her.  She said she screamed (we were downstairs and didn't hear her!) and fell backwards into the sink!  Then, what does she do?  Moves him into our room, right behind the door.  I ran upstairs to put something away, opened our door and about peed my pants, because I never expected that huge thing to be right behind the door!  I may have screamed and slammed the door, ha ha!  All in all, it was a hysterical story and we laughed pretty hard!  Max was proud of himself for starting it all!
The kids bookshelf.  A star hanging I made, inspired by this pin.  And a cute reading printable I found for free at Feed Your Soul: the free art project - there are lots of cute, free prints available for download!
And just because I think it's super funny...if I don't lock the dog cage when Lucy is out, Z makes an immediate dash for it.  For whatever reason, he thinks it's great fun to play inside of it.  He crawls in and shuts the door and giggles away.  It's kind of funny, although I think it's gross that he likes to play in her bed.  I try to keep him out of there.  Yesterday, I poked my head out from folding laundry and I saw that L had opened the cage (she recently learned how to unlock the locks!), let Z inside, and then shut the door.  I had to grab my camera, especially with Lucy looking on like she thought it was a grand idea, ha ha!  

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  1. I love all your handmade, framed wall art - so cute!!! And my favorite thing about that last photo is Lucy looking at her bed wondering WTF?

  2. That last picture is great!!

    Their room looks so nice and cozy :)

  3. Love the decorating! You did a great job!!

  4. What a sweet room! Love it. You're so creative!

  5. I love all of the colors and how it works anyway! I think I am too afraid of things clashing, like I feel like other people can do it, but I can't. Does that make sense?

  6. The room looks gorgeous, and the last picture is absolutely adorable! They will love laughing at it when they are older :)



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