Proof that the Z man walks!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

1. The video below is proof that my son can now walk.  And that he is indeed a stinker.

2. I don't know when it became socially acceptable to talk so much about poop and pee, but I have a potty-training toddler, so it must be ok.  I am ecstatic to announce that L has now peed and pooped in the potty.  My husband said it best yesterday, when he enthusiastically exclaimed to Aimee, "Aimee, you have the patience of a Saint".  I credit all of L's success so far to Aimee.

3. We just made chocolate peppermint crinkle cookies and I think they will be all gone in 20 minutes.

4.  I keep seeing talk about snow and ice in some parts of the country, and not gonna lie...I am a little jealous.  I can't believe I am saying this, but I might kind of miss the snow.  Ok, at least for today.  Tomorrow, I will be happy once again that I live in a warmer climate.

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  1. love this!! when z shakes his head yes he looks so much like L!

  2. Ahh chocolate peppermint crinkle! I'm coming to live with you!

    Yay walking!



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