The Little Things: Packages & Ice Cream Treats

Friday, March 23, 2012

Our week has been full of little things: walks in the gorgeous weather, plenty of playtime at the park, afternoons spent running errands, sending and receiving packages, L "mommy-ing" her Elmo doll, spontaneous after dinner adventures to get ice cream treats, and lots of coloring with markers.  It's been a great week overall - we've had our share of tears and temper tantrums, giggles and tickles, but in the end, it really has been a good week.  I've been snapping a lot of pictures recently, which I am so thankful for.  Here are a few snapshots of some of the little things that have happened:

Putting some homemade chocolate-ginger-pecan biscotti in the mail for Babu, with handmade notes from Eliana (she tells me exactly what message to write, ha!):
 Receiving a package from our dear Auntie B, filled with the sweetest handmade pillows and clothes for the kids.  We ADORE the new pillows for the kid's room - L and Z have to sleep with them every night!
There have been a few moments where I have turned around and giggled inside, because L has been "mommy-ing" her Elmo doll.  Once she got him all strapped in to the highchair, put a bib on him, gave him a fork and knife, and asked for a bowl of cereal.  She told me that he needed to eat his breakfast!  And the next day, I found her sitting in the doorway, with a "blanket" on Elmo - she was singing to him, and she told me he was taking a nap (complete with her milk cup)!  Too cute.
Last night, we were taking our usual after-dinner walk, and got to talking about wanting ice cream.  So, in a moment of spontaneity, we packed into the van, and drove to the DQ, where we got blizzards (buy one, get one 99 can you go wrong?!)...and an ice cream cone for L.  We had a fun time getting a special treat on a warm evening.  
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  1. such sweet pictures:)


  2. Those pillows are too cute! And I love that she babies Elmo. :) Millie's in quite the Elmo phase, too. And yummm, Blizzards! Now I want one.

  3. Those pillows are so colorful and cute!
    I also love Eliana's "mothering" skills. So great that you were able to capture those moments!

  4. Oh yummy! So much cuteness.

  5. What a fun week! I love the pictures!

  6. Kaylee-Boo!
    Just posted a pic on FB, of me with my deliciously different biscotti. Thank you! Hope it works out for me to come visit you in late Apr/early May. Love you lots.
    Papa D/Babu

  7. Those pillows are adorable!! MMM DQ!

  8. I love how Ezra is clutching his cup,like he doesn't want to miss a drop!!! And L is so serious in the pillow pictures- which are SO CUTE Auntie B! Great mama's make good motherin kiddos and L and Z have the most awesome Mama ever!
    Hugs from the desert!

  9. Those are the cutest pillows!!

  10. Love this post! Packages in the mail (especially with cuuuute pillows like those!) are seriously the best pick me up for a week! And now you have me craving some frozen yogurt for tonight.... ;)

    Thanks for linking up with me, Kaylee!



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