The Little Things of last week.

Monday, March 19, 2012

I snapped pictures throughout the week last week, and then Friday hit, and I had a hard time finding time to sit down and share them.  All of a sudden, today is Monday.  Max has the day off, but is out running some fish-related errands.  Ezra is still napping, and L just woke up.  She is watching part of Tangled, for what feels like the 100th time this week.  Just kidding - but we sure do love that movie, and I think part of it has been on at least three times in the last week!  

Here are the little things that captured my heart last week, and allowed me to stop and take the time to appreciate the small details: the little things that sometimes get unnoticed or taken for granted:

 Lighting a candle, just because it smelled good and looked pretty.
Clean, colorful diapers, hanging in the bright sun to dry.  
Piles upon piles of clean, folded laundry.  I felt like I had been doing have been doing laundry constantly, so it was nice to actually see some progress in the folded, clean baskets.
A new, bright summer sundress.
 Mini Peanut Butter Cheescakes - these are SO delicious!
 Playful kittens - we got our friend, Amy, a little kitty for her birthday (don't worry, she pretty much knew it was coming, and was definitely ok with the idea!), and they named her Annie.  She is such a little spitfire, and the kids LOVE going to visit her!
 Uh, yeah, she did her own hair :)  I was getting L out of her highchair, and she was flailing her arms and legs around, just because.  I told her to be careful not to hit my belly, because there was a baby in there.  She proceeded to get a kitchen towel out, stuff it down her shirt, and tell me that SHE had a baby in HER belly too!  Ha ha ha!
 Lucy, chewing on her own toy, enjoying a quiet afternoon.
 Racing up the stairs for nap time.  
 Getting cozy before her nap.  Precious moments where we get to pray, sing songs and cuddle together for a few minutes.
 Sweet, rambunctious boy before his nap.
 Making a homemade iced mocha, on a warm afternoon, enjoying the warm breeze and "mama" time while the babes took their nap.  

Hello Hue Little Things
Our weekend was good - it went by fast!  Friday evening, Max and I were able to drop the kids off at church for a parents date night out (of course the babes LOVED being able to play at church!).  We browsed a few stores, and then went out and stuffed ourselves with yummy seafood.  It was a fun evening, hanging out sans kids.  When we picked up the kids, they were TIRED and very ready for bed.  It was super cute, because we walked outside, and of course, it was dark out.  L kept telling us that it was dark out, and then she asked Daddy to turn the lights on outside please.  We cracked up laughing and then explained to her that we couldn't do that!  I forget that they usually are fast asleep when it's pitch-black out!  Too cute.

Saturday, I went out on errands with L and Ms. Amy.  We had a fun girly morning, doing some shopping.  Nothing too exciting for St. Patrick's Day - usually, I would make corned beef, boiled potatoes, cabbage and Irish Soda bread, but because we are doing no-meat through Lent, we passed.  Instead, I made cupcakes for dessert and frosted them a lovely, bright shade of green.  I walked over to give Max a bite of one, and as I walked back into the kitchen, I caught Lucy stealing my creations.  That rascal stole TWO of my cupcakes!  For being a short dog, she can stretch out so long and get way too far onto that counter - I was not happy with her, but Max got a good chuckle out of the fact that she practically inhaled two cupcakes in less than a minute!  

Yesterday was church, and time hanging out around the house.  I did some baking in the afternoon, and then we went for a long walk (with a stop at the park) after dinner.  It was a good, quiet day.  As I said earlier, Max also has the day off today, and we've already been on a walk, and done some weeding of the front flower bed.  Ezzy should be up from his nap soon.  And before I know it, it'll be dinnertime and get-ready-for-bed time.  My, oh my, how time flies.  I am off to watch a bit of Tangled with L, and dream about eating more of those mini cheesecakes!  

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  1. I love L's sundress (and yours too, for that matter!)

  2. I love that she stuffed a towel down her dress! Haha.

  3. I love your sundress!! Also love how L put the towel in her dress! So funny!

    Going to have to try those cheesecakes :)

  4. I love your dress and L's hair!

    Those mini cheesecake's look delish!

  5. It is always so wonderful to see little snap-shots of your days. As always, you look fantastic and sound great too :) I LOVE you!



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