A January Beach Day.

Monday, January 09, 2012

We headed to the beach on Saturday.  Of course we needed to take Uncle Kyle out to stand in front of the ocean.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day out - clear, sunny skies and 50 degree weather.  We grabbed a bucket and a rake (which L calls a shovel...), and we drove out to a favorite beach spot.  Kyle offered to wear Z man on his back, which I gladly took him up on - that way I could be free to snap away and play with the camera.  I was a happy mama :)
 A daddy and his daughter. They are so priceless together, and simply adore one another.  It makes my heart all puffy and happy.
L was thrilled to find shells and add them to her bucket.  She would occasionally dump out her treasures, sift through them, and then collect them once again.  I have to mention that she picked out her entire outfit for this day...hence the green tutu skirt at the beach!  She got a bit messy along the way!
 On the drive to the beach, we were talking about the ocean and what we might see when we got there. I mentioned that one can sometimes spot dolphins playing in the water, and Max totally did not believe me!  You wanna know the very first thing we saw upon stepping our feet onto the sand?  Dolphins!  For real!  It was the first time we have ever seen them since we have lived here, and was, hands down, the highlight of our beach trip!  
The tide was out when we got there, which was fantastic, as it allowed for lots of walking space, and quite a few tide pools to gaze into.  Max was like a little boy in a candy store, playing around in those pools, and pointing out all the little creatures he could see.  
Dolphins, shells, tide pools, walks on the beach - all perfect ingredients for a lovely Saturday afternoon beach adventure, and definitely made Max and I want to visit every chance we could get.  
Alison and Aimee, you best be ready to visit the beach!

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  1. I love seeing the dolphins! If you ever eat at the Icehouse in Swansboro they are always playing around there! So cute!

  2. What a wonderful day! The pics are great! I wish we lived close to a beach, how awesome to be able to spend a January day there playing! :)

  3. Looks like a perfect day. How fun.

  4. Amazing! The beach is so theraputic.

  5. I love your new blog look and thank you for putting the frame around the pics. It adds alot! Great design!!!



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