Game Night

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It is not uncommon, once the kids are in bed and the dishes are cleaned up, to find us gathered around our kitchen table with a few friends and a game stretched out in front of us.  We enjoy many a game, from Rummy and Hearts, Scrabble and Skip-Bo, Apples & Apples and Backgammon.  A box is opened, pieces or cards are pulled out, hands are dealt alongside coffee and whatever dessert we have at the moment - last week, it was homemade French Silk Pie!  And then we play, often laughing and chatting until we are ready to fall into bed, dreaming of game pieces and dice.

For Christmas, we received a few new games, and have had a fun time learning and playing them.  Max had never heard of The Settlers of Catan before we unwrapped it from it's pretty package, but he's very quickly become slightly obsessed and addicted.  I enjoy the game, but currently prefer playing with the Mexican Train Dominoes set we received.  I had never played any form of Dominoes before.  We now know how to play two games, and I am eager to learn more variations!  
I can assure you that if you were to come visit us, we would coerce you into sitting down and playing something with us.  The competition often gets heated and our eyes frequently get droopy, but we always have a good time, and my heart is always happy (unless I lose...).
 What games do you like to play?  Any other good game suggestions? 

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  1. We love game nights, too. Our favorite crowd games are Apple to Apples, The Pit, Catch Phrase, The Logo Game, Risk, and Star Wars Trivial Pursuit.
    We are huge nerds here.

  2. We always play CLUE! Love that game and Marine Corps Monopoly!

  3. I loooooove playing games! Hubby and I got addicted to Yahtzee when we first got married. We played it all the time! Games are so much better then sitting around in front of the tv!

  4. Love Settlers! Just wait til you get all the expansions and additions! Yeebo!

  5. Also, if that's a picture of your actual game, make sure you are keeping your settlements two roads apart! :-)

  6. I love playing Dominoes! We play Chicken Foot, which is similar to Mexican Train.

  7. I just had dinner with friends and we played a card game called Bonne Mille... it was so fun!

  8. We used to have game night with out family, and you just made me miss it a bit! I'd love to start the tradition again.

  9. I love games too - we play a lot of Sequence, have you played that?



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