Summary of our weekend.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

A few weeks ago, Max was scheduled to have two days off, but at the last minute, the unit had a bunch of work to get done, and they ended up working 16-hours days that entire week.  Because of that, they were told they would get this past Thursday and Friday off.  Which was awesome, and worked out perfectly, as we had a follow-up appointment on Friday at Chapel Hill, to check on Ezra's hand.  {See here, here and here for more of the story, if you need a catch-up}

Thursday, we washed our faces and combed our hair all pretty, and had some friends snap a few pictures of our little family, with the intent of using one in our Christmas card.  We got a few good ones, but of course I am saving those for the card :)  
I do have a few other ones to share...

We were in the middle of snapping pictures, and all of a sudden, L reached down to hug Z.
 It was priceless.
 We took a few with winter hats on.  This one was in between hat changes, and it makes me laugh.
 Precious boy.  Telling you he is 1.  
 L kept wanting to go see Mark, who was taking the pictures, and was getting much too close.
 Beep Beep!  Ezzy loves to push on our noses, and we respond with BEEP!
 The two most important and dashingly handsome men in my life.
 They are way too much alike.  This happened spontaneously, ha ha!
My little man.
 I love his blue eyes.
 I know these next few are a bit blurry, but I just love them.  
 L is wearing an outfit that I wore as a toddler.  That makes it vintage, right?!
I love her. 
Friday, we headed to Chapel Hill for our follow-up on Ezra's hand.  The Doc said that Z's hand looks great, and is continuing to heal very nicely.  His hand still looks a bit swollen and red, but she said that is completely normal, as it is still healing.  We are to keep putting lotion on to keep itching down, and he is to wear his little glove as much as possible, to help with swelling.  We will go back in 3 months, for the last follow-up, to confirm that the healing looks good and scarring is minimal.  Friday felt like a long day in the car, but the kids did very well.

L picked up whatever cold that the rest of us had, and has been feeling pretty down all weekend, so she has spent a lot of time resting and laying on the couch.  Because of that, we didn't do much else this weekend but hang around the house and work on our to-do list.  I have goals to get a lot of Christmas gifts/cards done in the next week or two, plus get Max's birthday/our anniversary gift ready.
December feels like such an exciting month, and I can't wait to celebrate all the special occasions that are coming up!  

Hope y'all had a lovely weekend and are finding time to reflect on the Advent season that we are in.

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  1. You have such a beautiful family! Glad your lil mans hand is healing, praise God!

  2. I can hear the giggles now that probably took place during your photo shoot. Too cute! Chapel Hill? In Raleigh?

  3. Those are such beautiful, fun pictures!

    Ohmygoodness that is quite the story with Ezra's hand. Poor guy, I would have been so freaked and worried. I'm SO glad it's getting better!!

  4. What perfect babies. :)

    Glad everything is getting better with his hand!

  5. Such great news about Ezra's hand. And cute photos! You will have to post the other ones after Christmas to show those of us who won't get the card :)

  6. Cute photos. So glad his hand is better been praying.



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