Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Oh, hello! Good morning!  
It's early (or it WAS early when I started writing this...) and I just got Max out the door, on his way to work, lunch and coffee in hand.  Now it's my time to enjoy the quiet, the calm, the mama time, for a few short hours before my babes start chattering from the comforts of their little beds.  
 I have my cup of coffee (in my ceramic llama mug that I won, once upon a time, as an award at a Llama Show - have I ever mentioned that I showed llamas?  And traveled to the National Llama Show?  It's true, and kind of strange, I suppose...), with some hot cocoa mixed into it - and it's delicious and hot.  
 Oh, wait, what's that gleam, you ask?!  Yeah, just the duct tape holding my glasses together.  Wow, that is entirely classy, glad I just shared that one, ha!  I promise - a trip to the Eye Doc is in the works, so I can finally order a new pair of glasses - one that won't be held together with duct tape.  I figure it's like a work of art, and that at least it makes a statement, right?! 
 What I really wanted to share was my recent revelation about mornings.  You see, I used to think I was a morning person.  Years ago, if you would have asked me, I would have told you I was morning person.  More by default actually, because I definitely didn't feel like a night person.  So that made me a morning person, right?  But then I started thinking about it, and started meeting some morning people - the kind that wake up singing really happy songs and shoot sunshine out of their eyeballs the minute they open them.  You know what I'm talking about?!  Are you one of them?  That's awesome, but please, don't sing your song real loudly or jump around too much, because I need some space and some quiet to get me through my mornings.  That idea of a sunshine-y-immediately-awake-and-ready-to-tackle-anything kind of person shifted my thoughts on whether I was actually a morning person or not - and I began to question if I was a morning person or a night person or an afternoon person.  
Getting up with Max at 0530 was hard to do, at first.  I felt tired and cranky and unproductive.  But as the weeks went by, I found myself excited to get up, to pour myself some coffee, to sit down and have quiet, mama moments before our day got started.  And the days that I went back to sleep after Max walked out the door?!  I started to find that those days felt more rushed, more stressed.  I began pondering on this concept of the morning person.  Because, now that I've had some habitual early morning experience, I would argue I am most definitely a morning person.  I am not one to wake up and shoot sunshine out my eyeballs, but I like waking up early, having moments to myself, sitting and reading while it's quiet, where I can slowly enter into my day.  Sometimes people look at me like I am crazy when I tell them I get up, willingly, with Max and stay awake.  But I love it.  I relish that hour or two, of holding my hot coffee in my hands, gathering my thoughts in head, planning for the coming day, texting Max 'good morning' messages, quietly reading and soaking in precious alone time, before my whirlwind day begins.  
What about you?  Are you a morning person?  Or an evening person?  Or an afternoon person?  When are you most productive in your day?  And has that changed over the years?

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  1. Good morning sweet friend! Early is my favorite word. 4:30 we're up and rolling...two hours to spare before the munchkins begin their morning chitter chatter. I'm glad I'm not the only one that enjoys this sweet glorious solitude :)

  2. Oh...and the llamas...funny but classic. I showed pigs so I can understand the animal love.

  3. mmmm coffee with hot chocolate has been my latest obsession!

  4. I've changed over time as well. In college I was undoubtedly a night-owl. I would toil away on my homework until 2am or later and then hit the sack. As I've gotten older, I just can't concentrate after a certain time of night.

    Even if I don't want to be, I think I've settled into being a morning person. 6am wake-up, blog and check e-mail (WITH coffee) and then let the productivity begin! :)

  5. Love the cup and your glasses!

    I am not a morning person at all. In fact, people who know me well know NOT to even say a word to me until I've had coffee (except Em, she's the only one I'm nice to.haha) my husband is a morning person though and it's taken him 5 years to realize that I am not.

  6. I'm a morning person. I like getting up around 6, though I usually spend the first hour or so browsing the internet and reading blogs. If we have something to do, I'm up and ready to go! I get more done before lunch than in the afternoon, when I start getting tired. I go to bed around 9. I love the morning!

    I get up right after my husband shaves and dresses for PT. It's nice :)

  7. i can wake up early, but i'm a zombie at least til 12 am... my fiance, on the contrary, is one of those happy morning people since he's up everyday for PT... and he sings, and hugs and kisses me in the morning when i have such a bad mood usually lol!

    btw, you look sooo pretty in the mornings girl :)

  8. Oh dear, I am certainly not shooting sunshine and rainbows out of my eyeballs in the morning. Ever. And the idea of getting up with my husband, before the little one is up is nice... and makes me feel tired. And it makes me feel like I need a Kurig so I can make a single cup of coffee while I am getting ready.

  9. I loved this. :)

    I am most definitely a night person. Partly because I've never been a morning person, and partly because my insomnia makes me a night person! Lately Sky has worked at night, so I feel like I might as well stay up until he comes home.

    But I love this- love the idea of it. I've wanted to get up and get a cup of coffee before Millie. Instead, she's my alarm clock. :) I would love to get into a different habit, though.



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