Oh, happy day!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

We went out to renew library books and pick up a few grocery items, and of COURSE, we had to stop and get a vanilla chai from Dunkin Donuts...oh.my.word...those delicious little drinks are SO good!
I have felt entirely uninspired and unmotivated today.  Usually, I have all these ideas or thoughts running through my brain, but today...today, it's been a struggle to not just snuggle on the couch, read books and watch movies...and we've done a little of that, but I'm trying to not mope around ALL day long!  It's been a good day, despite the lazy attempts to get moving!

  Max has been working long, long days.  Like, he leaves at 0545, and hasn't been getting home until 1130pm, all to wake up and do it over again.  I am praying they get all their imperative work done, so that they don't have to work Saturday, and we can enjoy some family time!  

I had this song playing in my head all afternoon, so figured I'd go ahead and share it.  We sing it in church every so often, and I heard it on Pandora the other day.  It gets me moving every time!
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Today marks the 236th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps.  
Happy birthday USMC, from a proud Marine wife.

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  1. OOooh! Another Dunkin's fan. We're hooked for sure. If we lived closer to one another I'd say let go get some chai :)

  2. Your last couple posts have me craving coffee...or at least, something warm! :)

  3. Kaylee-boo, I love the song by Tim Hughes! Glad you're having a good day. I miss Dunkin Donuts, could you please tell them to open some (back) up here in MN? love you, papa d



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