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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I didn't realize how excited I was going to be, for this:
My parents don't use their VHS player anymore, as they have a DVD player, and they offered to send their old VHS to us!  We don't watch very much TV (as in, I tried to cancel our TV completely...that's how little we watch it...they ended up giving me a better deal to keep TV and Internet, but that's a different story...), and typically enjoy a few movies or borrowed library DVD episodes (Clifford, Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, etc) a week.  I really try to limit the babies screen time - Ezra isn't very interested in it yet, but L?  She could sit and watch movies  She loves it.  So, a couple of days a week, we put a show on for a short time.  We don't own many DVD's, so we figured it would be awesome to have the VHS player, to watch some of the movies (and introduce L to Disney and fairy tales and VeggieTales!) that got sent along with it!

I got the player all hooked up this morning, and put in one of my favorite Disney films.  
Can you tell which one it is?!
L was enamored with it, and had a front row seat, on her bug-car.
Z didn't really care, and headed over to antagonize Lucy.
I am stoked for all the awesome movies that my parents sent along! 
 I grew up with this collection, and can't wait to show them to L & Z!  
{Kyle, if you are reading this...don't worry, 
I will take good care of Baby's Day was one of my favs too!}
Even Lucy tuned into the movie.  
As in, she dragged her bed onto the rug, in front of the TV.  
Silly puppy.
It was SO fun watching Beauty and the Beast!  I know, I probably sound silly, but whatever!  
It brought me back to all the beloved Disney movies, and I seriously can't wait to watch more!  
So, a little snippet from the movie, from me, to you :)
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  1. That's one of my favorite Disney movies too!! That and The Little Mermaid. I actually got Beauty & the Beast on BluRay in preparation for this baby :P

  2. Does L realize that Mrs. Potts is the same as her teapot? Didn't know if she'd catch that or not! Enjoy!!!

  3. Em has now started to become obsessed with all the Disney princesses (because we go to Disneyland so much). We own all the VHS movies from when I was little but none on DVD so she hasn't seen any of the movies. I've been wanting to get out our old VHS player out so she can watch some.

    Love Disney!

  4. I adore Beauty and the Beast, it's my favorite Disney movie, EVER!
    And of course, we're movie junkies here so we have most of the Disney movies on DVD or Bluray. We haven't had VHS or a VCR for about five years now so it's weird to see people actually still use them.

    We actually have loads of people borrow from our GIANT collection everywhere we go. It's kinda massive and embarrassing all in one.

  5. Ohhhhh girlfran I am soo jealous!! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite!!! Haha this is so funny cause I have alot of VHS disney movies too, that I haven't seen in ages. I NEED a VHS player now. Gaaaa.. I'm coming over to your house!! And I so want to snuggle with your puppy!

  6. I love the old-school VHS boxes, and I agree, it is so fun to see things come back around!

    And you are amazing, did you know that? Two babes and such little t.v. time, I admire that! :)



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