Building blocks and baby dolls.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oy vey!  Where does the time go and how does it seem to fly by so fast?!  I feel like I was JUST blogging about our day at the park, and look, here it is, DAYS later!  I guess we've been busy?!  Nothing abnormal or unusual - just busy playing, walking outside, doing household chores, working out, playing some more, running errands and spending quality time as a family.  All good stuff!  

The other day, we pulled out one of the latest favorite toys...the shape-sorting elephant (a gift from L's lovely godmother, Kari) and played away.  It was an afternoon filled with shapes, concentration, toy-stealing, drool, big blue baby eyes, baby dolls and sibling chases.  Enjoy our pictures!

Look at the you see her tongue sticking out?!
Watching his sister hard at work, sorting shapes.  Making his big plan for the stealing of the blocks.  
And the yellow circle goes in the hole.  Is it in there?!  Better take a look.
Showing her brother the shapes, clutching them tightly.  See?!  She KNOWS he wants to steal them!
Muahaha!  He got them!  In his mouth they go!
So, because we are always, always practicing the fine art of sharing, L gets re-directed to attend to her baby doll.  Carrying her around, feeding her and strapping her into the little bitty baby stroller.
All the while, Z gums happily on the stolen blocks.  Little stinker.
L decides to take her baby on a little walk around the house.  And of course, Z feels the need to be a part of it.  At this point, L was running away from him, screaming.  Yes, screaming.  Oh the joys of siblings :)
Oh what fun it is to play with these little ones.  They constantly make me laugh, keep me on my toes, and wear me out, ha ha!  What a joy they are!

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  1. Your kids are so stinking cute!!

  2. Isn't that concentration just adorable?!? Children's laughter (especially those belly laughs) are food for the soul. That's what keeps me going on days that seem so heavy.

  3. You're always so happy and joyful! I really hope when we have another I can be as patient as you are!

  4. My friends son LOVES his elephant shape sorter. I can't wait for this baby to be big enough for toys like that! It's always a wonder to watch kids minds work.

  5. Too cute! I would love Millie to have a sibling someday.

  6. Aww, such cuties! I love L in the leggings, so sweet!



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