A little update.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I thought it was high time for a little update on our babes (and the puppy...).  
{I took all the following photos at the park this morning.}
It's hard to believe that Ezra is 10 months and that (way too shortly!) soon he'll be turning 1-year old!  He is such a happy baby and is usually very content to play with toys and crawl around - he is a mover, let me tell you, and wants next to nothing with staying in one place for long.  It's a challenge to keep him still long enough to change his diaper or put his clothes on :)  Unless he's eating, haha, and then he'll sit for a long time, chowing down on all sorts of good food.  He still eats some canned baby food, but for the most part, he eats what we eats.  And LOVES it - he had pasta & meatballs last week and couldn't get enough!  I am very pleased to finally say that he sleeps through the night (Go Ezra!!!!).  It took a long time, but for the last month or so, he has consistently been sleeping the entire night through (from 8pm until 730am) and I am LOVING the sleep I've been getting!   The Z-man started some "stranger danger" apprehension these past few weeks.  When I go to drop him off at the church nursery or for playtime at MOPS, he immediately starts crying when I leave him.  And will then fuss nearly the entire time.  Poor little guy!  I have been trying to think of new and creative ways to help work on it with him, so we'll see how it improves.   
 Eliana is definitely entering her "terrible two's" and is testing all sorts of boundaries with us.  It can prove challenging at times, but we know we just have to have much patience, grace and consistency when it comes to disciplining and teaching her what is right vs. wrong.  She will be 2 in about a month and it's crazy to think about how fast time has seemed to fly by!  How did I get to be here, with an almost 2-year old and an almost 1-year old?!  It feels like I was just finding out I was pregnant with L! She knows a LOT of words and seems to always be pointing something out or singing a song or asking about what something is.  She LOVES Nemo, her baby doll, reading books and spinning in circles. Eliana had a routine check-up on her kidney yesterday.  She did great for her ultrasound, laying very still.  And the Doc says everything is looking very good with her one kidney (the hydronephrosis continues to get better and better!) - we will have one more check next year to make sure the progress remains positive and then we won't have to keep monitoring it anymore!!
I haven't posted much about Lucy lately, but she is still here and doing well!  Our baby Basset Hound is not really a baby anymore!  She is almost 8-months old and getting bigger everyday!  She is weighing in at about 35ish pounds (still has about 20 to go, holy smokes!) and has gotten very long (she can reach the counters/top of the table if she jumps up...).  She still is a puppy and can test my patience when she steals baby toys or jumps up us or barks like a crazy, but she is so much fun to have around.  She does so well with the kids and they both absolutely adore her.  Lucy is so goofy, it's not even funny.  And although she LOOKS clumsy and kinda stupid, she is really, really smart and tries to get away with way too much :)

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  1. I love sunshine, parks, and big bassett puppy ears, and baby smiles all bundled together. Bundles make me happy.



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