4-day weekend.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I wish I could be excited to post that we can now say we have a 4-day weekend, but not so much.  Max woke up yesterday morning super sick.  Like lay-in-bed-moaning-and-try-to-make-it-to-the-bathroom super sick.  I think he has what I had a few weeks ago.  Poor guy.  Of course, he had to go in to medical, so they could sign off on him being sick.  He told me he threw up all over the place there and that's why they gave him off until Monday.  He hasn't moved since he got home and I'm trying my best to pump him with liquids and easy foods.

We were doing ok and I thought we were in the clear, but then last night, after dinner, on our walk, L spewed throw-up EVERYwhere.  And proceeded to do it a few more times after we booked it home.  Poor baby.  Thank the Lord for good friends who come over to help get Ezra ready for bed!  It was a rough night last night, trying to get her to sleep and feel ok.  She just wanted lots of water (which is good!), but everytime she would drink some, it came back out.  She started keeping stuff down and woke up feeling ok (at least she's acting pretty good!) and even ate breakfast!  I hope whatever she had was short-lived and is now over.

I woke up this morning and have been feeling nauseous all morning.  Ick.  I hope I don't pick up whatever it is that is floating around.  That would be bad.  What happens when mama gets sick and is supposed to take care of a sick husband, a sick toddler and a bouncing-off-the-walls-teething toddler?!  Oh the joys of marriage and motherhood!  I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Pray for us this weekend?  For good solid rest so our bodies can heal and mend?  And for strength and patience and grace, as I nurse these sickies back to health?  Thanks...

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  1. Wish I was there to help! Big hugs and prayers coming your way!
    Mama D

  2. I hope the weekend ends better than it started!

  3. Oh gosh, hope everyone gets well soon!



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