11 in 2011. September Edition.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

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Oh my 11 goals in 2011, how I forget out thee.  It's true - I seem to forget about them some days.  And then other days, I totally think about them and work on them.  Maybe it would have been a good idea to post them in a place I would see them everyday?!  Oh well, it's a few months too late for that one...

Every month it feels that I work on some goals better than others - here's my update:

1. Read 12 new books: This one has seriously proven hard for me.  It's not that I don't love to read, because believe me, I LOVE reading.  It's finding time to read.  I never feel like I can sit down during the day to read, because I always have so much I want to get accomplished around the house.  And by the time Max and I are done for the day, we are tired and just want to hang out for a few minutes before we find sleep.  Oh well, some day, I will have more time for reading.  Until then, I'll keep my pile of books to read on my nightstand, in hopes that I can catch a few sentences here and there.

2. Try 2 new recipes:  As usual, this one is going well.  I LOVE trying new recipes.  The other day I made PW's Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Drizzle.  SO stinkin' good.  And I have clipping recipes like crazy out of some recycled magazines - can't wait to try some of them!

3. Lose the "baby house" weight: Boo.  And boo.  I like to eat, what can I say.  And exercise doesn't always get into my schedule.  So, boo.  That's all.

4. Read (at least) one chapter in the Bible every day: This is an on again/off again one.  And it is probably the one that convicts me the most.  I know I need to be reading.  I know that my heart and my head NEED to be in the Word everyday.  But again, it's that making time for reading thing.  I just need to schedule it in and make it something that MUST happen everyday.  

5. Tell my babes I love them every.single.day: Check!

6. Grow something green: I have plants (still!) growing outside!  And my indoor plant has gotten BIGGER!!!  Woo-hoo!  I can keep plants alive!  I am so proud!  And so excited that our pepper plant has little red peppers on it!  Can't wait to use them in some meals!

7. Get outside and walk every day: Having a puppy helps SO much with this one.  Having a puppy with lots of energy helps even more.  It's so good for our entire family to get outside after dinner every night.  The kids get some fresh air, the puppy stretches her legs and we get to move around after we eat.  It's a win-win for everybody and I love it!  Great family bonding time!

8. Use less. Conserve more: I need to work on this one.  We do things to use less and conserve more, but I need to start finding NEW ways to use even less and conserve even more.  It's so easy to get stuck in the thinking rut that recycling/re-using/less water use is enough - there are even more things I can do to work on this goal - I just need to get a little creative!

9. Take more pictures. Capture everyday moments. Record more video: I need to keep working on this one, hardcore.  More memories please?!

10. Spend less. Save more: We are working on this - we are keeping track of every single expense this month.  It's good to see exactly where our money is going - it helps us stay more accountable to our budget.  I am trying to think of more ways to save more.  It's easy to not spend money when you don't have money to spend, ha ha!  But it's hard saving money when you don't have much money to save.  Gotta get creative here too...

11. Be more intentional: Oh vague goal, how I love thee.  I am trying.  Intentionality is a great goal and I need to seek more ways to be intentional in every situation.  Another must-get-creative goal, ha ha!

Well then, there you have it.  My 11 in 2011, September edition.  I'm glad there are 3 1/2 more months left for me to work on my goals.  I have made some progress in some and in others, there is much work to be done :)

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