I've been sick...

Monday, September 05, 2011

...so the last few days have consisted of me laying in bed (sleeping or catching up on episodes of Grey's Anatomy, ha ha!), resting on the couch or making new best friends with the bathroom (ok, TMI, I know).  I've been pretty miserable and am way ready to be done with this nasty whatever that I have.  We think that I finally got what L had last weekend (oh the joy) and I definitely didn't get the light end of the bargain.  I'm on day five of this blasted thing, but at least I think I am finally on the upward slope.  My headache is gone, I can stand up straight again, and I finally feel like eating.  Max has been such a trooper: taking care of me, dealing with the babes, doing household tasks, etc.  He's not used to being "Mr. Mom", but he's been doing a fine job of it and we are all in one piece!  I think it'll be a few more days before I'm back to good though, so the blog may be a bit slow this week...

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  1. I feel like everyone is fighting some type if sickness/illness these days... get better soon, and love on that husband of yours (when you're better!) for all the help he's been =]

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