Squawks and Body parts.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

1.  I took this video a few days ago.  Z was sitting in his high chair and every time I would make a noise at him, he would respond - it was funny and I just had to capture it to share!
2.  We are always working on stuff with L - colors, shapes, body parts, animals, etc - and I thought I would share her showing off some of the body parts she's learned.  
3.  I think it's funny how she pokes herself in the eye when I ask her to find her eye!
4.  It also cracks me up that she thinks her chin is her neck - we gotta keep working on that!
5.  The other day, we were playing on the floor and L runs up to me.  She pokes me in the chest and declares, "boob".  What!?!  When did she learn that one?!  Oh dear...
6. We got to Charlotte yesterday early evening.  Max got off of work early in the day and was able to come with us, thank the Lord!  Our drive was uneventful and all the babes and animals did AWESOME!  We are having fun hanging out with Great-Aunt Kathy and Uncle David - eating deliciously huge burgers, chilling in the hot tub (ok, ok, that was just Max and I after the kids went to sleep!), going out for breakfast and coffee, playing with fun toys and being spoiled by people that love us!  
7.  We've been keeping our eye on Hurricane Irene and are praying for all that have been/are/will be affected by her winds, waters and rains.  As far as we know, the worst is through where we live - we've heard there is some flooding and power outages at this point and the city/base is under a curfew until tonight, when the winds are supposed to be less forceful.  Apparently, the hurricane hit landfall just north of where we live this morning and we've heard there was some crazy winds that came through.  We are hoping to head home tomorrow, although that decision will be dependent on weather/power/etc!

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  1. Number1. I'm so glad to hear that Max got to join and you that you guys are safe! You have been in my prayers!
    Number2. Thanks for your continuous blogging that feeds my addition to checking your blog multiple times a day in the hopes of a new adventure to read about and brighten my day!
    Number3. Fact: Your kids are the cuties, funniest, prettiest kids ever!
    Number4. I miss you A LOT (also a fact but I didn't want to repeat myself)!

  2. Hope you stay safe! That's so cute, all the things you shared. They're adorable. :)

  3. they are realllly adorable! :)

  4. Hi! I saw you comment on several other blogs I read and thought I would stop over and say hi. :) Super-cute blog!



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