Hurricane Irene and our weekend in Charlotte.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My husband wanted me to title this post "Hurricane Irene's love-child", because he claims us going to Charlotte and the trees down/power outages/flooding were all some of Hurricane Irene's love-child.  Oh, and he also wanted me to let you all know that he calls L our love-child.  Nice, I know.  Oh, I married a silly man.  ANYways, I have compiled pictures from our trek to Charlotte this past weekend, and of some after-effects of the storm that came through.

Max got off of work early Friday morning and was able to go with us, so we hit the road before noon that day.  It was a full car - complete with two babies, a cat in a box and the puppy by my feet.
 Do you see her?  The kitty?  Her cat carrier wouldn't fit between the babe's carseats, so I found a smaller box; she just fit into it and it had holes, so she got enough air.  It made me giggle, because she sat with her nose stuck out that little hole the entire drive.
 We had a good weekend in Charlotte.  Great-Aunt Kathy and Uncle David spoiled us ROTTEN!  They took us out for delicious burgers, got us breakfast and coffee, let us invade their house, bought us treats, played cards with us and loved on our babies.  We spent a lot of time watching the Hurricane on the news as well.  
 Eliana got sick while we were there, and was not her usual happy self.  You could tell she felt pretty icky - and her diapers sure reflected it.  She spent a lot of time laying around with us and as a result, didn't get to enjoy their pool, which was a bummer. 
We left Charlotte Sunday morning, to head back home.  It was an uneventful drive and we were eager to see what it was like as we got closer to the coast and to where the storm had come through.  There was a lot of sleeping involved as we drove home...
 We got home just before dinner and we were greeted with power in the house, although we know that it had been off for almost 48 hours over the weekend.  There are a few downed trees in the neighborhood and in the area.  There was also some flooding, in low-lying areas, although our neighborhood seems to be doing ok with the water levels.  

This is a park by our house, that is covered by a huge tree that fell down in the storm.  You can see the blue roof/yellow sides in the tree branches.  It was a big tree!
 There is a street in our neighborhood, where all the little trees are leaning one direction.  It's sort of cool to see!  And another big tree fell over into a section of the dog park we always go to.  Our house fared well - only a few superficial things - mostly to my flowers/pots!  For the most part, houses around seem to be ok.  There are a few with shingles or gutters missing, but unless a tree fell directly onto them, they are still in one piece.
 We are thankful that we were able to go to Charlotte for the weekend (Max would have been a complete mess if we would have stayed - worrying about if we were going to be ok or not) and that our house/neighborhood didn't get hit too hard.  It sure was an adventurous weekend and we are glad we survived our first experience with a hurricane!!!

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  1. Poor L - hope she is feeling better and that the rest of you have not gotten it! I was SO grateful you were with Kathy and David! and glad all was in one piece when you got home! Big Hugs!!!

  2. Glad the flower pots were the extent of the damage. The pictures are all so sweet, as always. :) I like Lucy snuggled in the front, too!



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