Emmalee Grace - 5 months

Monday, April 27, 2015

It's a few weeks past, but our Emmalee is 5 months old.  She weighs about 18 lbs, and is wearing 9-month clothes.  She loves to chew on everything, roll/scoot across the floor, and still blows bubbles all the time.  Emma wakes up 1-2 times to nurse at night, but goes right back to sleep.  She won't take a bottle at the moment.  She adores her siblings, and has started to notice the dog - and loves to try to grab his face/fistfuls of his hair, if he gets too close.  Her hair is coming in light blonde (and there I go, rolling on the floor in laughter...because I thought I might have a chance of a dark-brown haired baby!!!), and it looks like it will take it's sweet time, just like her siblings.  Speaking of which, they adore this babe...she is certainly the baby of the family, and we all dote on her!  Love our sweet Emmalee Grace!

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  1. she's so adorable! as are all your babies!

  2. Her little cheeks! She is precious 💜 also isn't having four kids wild?! It's so different than I thought it would be! Lol



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