January Snapshots

Sunday, February 01, 2015

baby selfies // dino Evie // hot cocoa!
donut dates with Babu // nursing thoughts // morning walks
Evie's donut face // Friday preschool dropoff // silly Emma
Evie wants a snack // evening snuggles // George and I got caught in the rain
game time // afternoon nap cuddles // how did she get so big?
Georgie snuggles with Babu // church bathroom selfie, haha! // Evie and her baby
Emma @ 2m // L's painting creation // FaceTime with Daddy
dino Evie x2, lol // strapped-in Emma // I love car carts
errand helpers // watching over Emma // playtime is exhausting

A few photos off my phone, from the month of January.  The month was full of preschool mornings, walks with George, trips to the park, running errands, a birthday party that L attended, donut dates, getting caught in the rain with George, nap time & evening snuggles, and growing kiddos.  

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