Christmas 2014

Saturday, January 31, 2015

{photos by: Alison}

I know I'm late in posting these, but wanted to share a few photos from our Christmas 2014.  We had a low-key day here with my parents and brother.  The kids were super spoiled by everybody, and had a lot of fun opening gifts and playing with them for hours.  Last year, my Grandma gave Eliana a "big girl bike", and this year, it was Ezra's turn to receive one!  He LOVED it!  Once we move, and get Eliana's bike out of storage, I am sure the two of them are going to have a blast riding bikes together!!    My mom gave Evie (and the others too, but she's claimed it, ha!) a play kitchen, as our old one from a few years ago did not make this last move.  She has spent many hours "making food" and serving it to us - she loves to bring me cups of coffee and plates of spaghetti!  It's the cutest!  

Our Christmas 2014 was a good one - lots of delicious holiday food, much relaxing, a walk outside in the sunshine, skyping with Max's parents, and spending time together as a family.  

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  1. You and your kids are adorable. Seriously adorable! I'm a big fan of low-key holidays, there's more time to take in the day and really enjoy it. Glad you had a good Christmas!!

  2. I'm so glad you had a nice Christmas! :)



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