A little family update.

Monday, January 26, 2015

I feel like I should start with a big "Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!", because it feels like it's been forever since I've blogged, or shared an update!  So here goes...a little update on our family...

Max is plugging away at his course in Texas.  He has a few more weeks left, and then we'll be headed to the San Diego area for a few years!  It's been a huge blessing to live with my parents here in AZ, while he's been at school, but we are very excited to be reunited as a family, and to have our own house again!  I'm sure my parents will celebrate having THEIR own space back as well, and probably relish the quiet - and then maybe miss all the chaos?!?  Max was able to come here for his break at Christmas, which was fantastic.  We had a lovely Christmas, and enjoyed spending family time together.

Eliana is still loving preschool.  She has had such a fantastic experience there, and we will be sad to say goodbye in a few weeks!  It's crazy that she'll be starting kindergarten in the Fall - how did she get so old?!  She is such a sweetheart.  She loves dress-up and My Little Pony's, coloring and doing crafts.  Ezra is...like a little tasmanian devil, without all the destruction.  He wakes up running, and goes non stop all day long.  It's great that he has so much energy, but oh man, does he wear me out!  He loves to laugh at Babu's jokes, go on adventure walks in the desert, and read books.  We are still working on potty-training the kid, which is slightly frustrating, after all this time, but I know he can't get graduate from High School in diapers, right?!

Evie is such a 2-year old.  She swings from super sweet to having temper tantrum in seconds.  She is testing boundaries and trying to figure out the rules.  She cracks us up with her faces and sayings.  I want to record her saying things, so I can remember the way she talks right now - it's the best!  She loves to try to get herself dressed, be with her Bibi & Babu, and help us with things.  Although really, they are all such good helpers!  Emmalee is doing well - she eats a lot, sleeps a lot, and makes a lot of dirty diapers!  She sleeps so well at night, it's fantastic and I am so thankful!  She has started interacting more during her awake periods, and it's so much fun!  She smiles and "talks" to us, or to her "friends" - the animals hanging from her bouncy seat!  I am still crossing my fingers for brown hair to grow in ;)

Our big brown beast, George, turned a year old in December.  I can't believe it's almost been one year since we got him!  We sent him away for training a few weeks ago, and he's back now, doing much better!  We were having a hard time with him being quite unruly - and with him being big, it was hard to control him!  Things are going much smoother now that he has learned a better foundation!  We still have things to work on, and to keep up with him, but that will always be the case!  The kids missed him the 10 days he was gone, and have been hugging him all the time, which is super sweet!

This last year, 2014, was full of transitions and changes for us - getting a puppy, finding out we were pregnant with a surprise baby #4, Max graduating from his language course, moving to AZ/TX, having a baby, Max doing more schoolwork - and we have a few more transitions ahead of us, as we move in a few weeks, get reacquainted with being together as a family, and Max starts his new job.  We are excited that we should be there for a few years, so we can settle into our new house (which we already have lined up!  Woot!), make friends, and get situated in a solid routine as a family.

I hope to make time to update the blog a little more regularly in the next few months, so stay tuned...

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  1. It's been a busy year! Having your family together, under the same roof for awhile will be amazing!

  2. You have been so busy!! I'm glad the calm and routine will be back in just a few weeks. I know how hard the in-between stage is.

  3. Loved reading your update! I know y'all will be so glad to be together as a family again!

  4. I'm so glad you're posting (and not deleting your blog...noooo do not delete! :) Loved reading all about the latest in your family. I admire you so much for your positivity through all the transitions.. I find them to be so hard and my kids do not respond well to change so I can only imagine your patience! It will be so great for you guys to settle in together as a family again! (and I hear you on potty training issues.. Cruz was doing pretty much perfectly and then Christmas happened and now we're back to training issues that we haven't had since last summer. UGH. Hope it gets better for both of us soon! :) xo



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