Newborn snuggles & sentimental moments.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Hello, my name is Kaylee, and I can't stop taking pictures of our sweet new baby - I have way too many sleeping newborn pictures.  But hey - she's only this little once, and so I'll keep snapping away.  I don't want to forget the way her little body squishes into my shoulder, or the way she breathes loudly while she naps, or the way she furrows her little brow when she's awake.  Maybe it's because I know she's the last baby I will birth, or maybe it's the postpartum hormones making me all sappy, but I have been overly sentimental about the little moments, wanting to soak them all up, holding them close to my heart.  

The last few weeks have been good.  It's definitely been an adjustment, as we navigate what it looks like to have 4 kiddos, especially as we live here with my parents and Max is away.  There are so many layers to this transition, and it keeps life around here interesting and full of adventure!  Eliana, Ezra & Evie are doing good.  They are still in love with baby Emmalee.  Ezra adores her, and is constantly wanting to hug and kiss her, or rock her, or help me get things for her.  Evie is very observant when it comes to Emmalee - she always notices fussiness or spit-up, and loves to "help" me change her or dress her.  Eliana is very proud of Emmalee, and loves showing her off to her teachers or people we meet.  She doesn't like to see me change Emmalee - Eliana says it's gross (she's become quite the little dramatic diva!), but she LOVES picking out outfits each day, to dress Emmalee in! 
Emmalee is still pretty laidback, except during bath time or while getting dressed/changed!  She has been sleeping really well - giving me a 4-5 hour stretch each night, and then going back to sleep for a few more hours!  She had her first bath last week, and was not a fan.  She basically cries through the entire bath, until she is dressed and bundled back up!  She has a few times a day where she is awake and alert - and those times have grown a bit over the last few weeks.  It's been fun seeing her wake up a bit more, and watch us more!  I can't wait for some smiles to show up!  She also has a fussy time, usually for an hour or two each evening.  She loves being held and carried, and has been a good car traveler so far.  It's crazy that she is already 3 weeks old - I feel like we were just going to the hospital to be induced, so excited to meet her!  
We were invited to a family friend's house for Thanksgiving, and had a great time.  They love on and spoil my kiddos, who LOVE going over there for dinners!  The day after Thanksgiving, my mom pulled out some Christmas decorations.  I made hot cocoa for the kids, we cranked up the Christmas music, and the house got decorated a bit for the season.  It feels much more festive around here now!  My cousin, Alison, and her husband, Nick, also came to visit over the weekend.  It was so fun having them here.  The kids loved having them here, begging them to play and read books and go to the park.
Max is doing well at school.  He started his second course, and is getting into his routine again.  He will get to come back here in a few weeks, for a short Christmas break.  Then he only has a few months until he is done there!  I am looking forward to being back together as a family, and having our own place again.  It's been such a blessing being here with my parents, and they have been such an unbelievably huge help to me, but it will still be good to have our own space again.  Until then, I am trying my best to soak up these newborn snuggles, appreciate the time we have with my family, and get in the festive Christmas mood - because I know these days will be gone before I know it, and I will miss the little moments that fill them up.  

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  1. I loved reading this update - your kiddos are just so cute!



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