Daddy's Class Break.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It was such a blessing that Max happened to have a break in classes the first few weeks of November.  When he originally started his training, we were not even sure if he would be able to come home once baby Emma was born, so to have him here for her birth and the first few weeks of her life were really special!  We spent most of his time here hanging out, getting to know Emmalee, and adjusting to life as a family of six!  He chauffeured L to preschool in the mornings, took Ezra out on a Daddy-son adventure, and requested an early Thanksgiving meal.

It was so good for all of us to have him around - I know the kids miss him when he is gone, and to have some solid time with Daddy was needed.  We dropped him off at the airport a few days ago, and as we drove away, L & Ezra had such long faces, and told me how they missed him already, and questioned why he always had to go away.  Cue the postpartum-hormonal tears from this mama...  

It's not easy being away from him, and we miss him a lot, but we are so proud of what he does, and are eagerly looking forward to his Christmas break in a few weeks!
Emmalee @ 1-week // Dairy Queen treats // happy Daddy frying a turkey
early morning snuggles // family selfie // late night snoozing

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  1. I am so glad you had this time together. Here is hoping the time goes by quickly!

  2. So SO glad he was able to be home for her birth and first few weeks! Praying for your family until he returns!



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