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Friday, October 10, 2014

This week was fall break for Eliana's preschool, so we've been enjoying no alarms set in the morning, lots of book reading, and trips to the park.  We started out our week with a bagel & coffee picnic at a local park, which also happened to be right next to one of the libraries.  I love library day - we read a lot of books, and it's always nice to get a new stack to read through each week!  

Tuesday evening, I went to a Rend Collective concert with my parents and some of their friends.  It was fun to go out sans kiddos, and the concert was fantastic!

The weather cooled down mid-week, and it was rainy here, which is unusual.  When I say it "cooled down", I mean it was in the 70's - but it felt SO nice to have a break from the 90's!  We enjoyed afternoon walks, and playing on the patio, and more trips to parks.  

The kids got a new easel to play with, and have been drawing/chalking/marking it up! They are so funny, drawing pictures and then requesting that I take pictures of their creations to send to Daddy before they get erased.  It's precious, and makes me smile. 

The week has been pretty good for us!  How was your week?
Ezra blowing bubbles to Georgie // Bibi did L's makeup, ha! // bagel & coffee picnic
creations at the easel // Rend Collective concert // good morning 36-week belly
cloudy, cooler day // Mama & Ezra // a picture of their picture, for Daddy

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