36 weeks update {Baby #4}

Monday, October 06, 2014

Maybe one of these days in the next month, I'll get someone to snap some pictures on my actual camera, but for now, these phone photos will have to do!  

I am 36 weeks pregnant with baby #4 this week.  That means only 5 more weeks to go, at the most!  Hooray!  I am getting more and more eager to meet this sweet baby girl.  To put a face to a name, to get to know her personality, to hold her little squishy newborn self, to see how big she is!

I am feeling good.  Starting to get more tired as the weeks progress, and feeling more and more torpedo-belly-like!  Some of my maternity shirts don't cover the belly anymore, which makes me laugh.  I am having a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions these days, and feeling like there is a large bowling ball pressing down on my pelvis.  If I didn't have a history of having babies that were born a week late, I might think she could make her appearance in the next several weeks.  Who knows! All babies are so different! 

Eliana and I toured the hospital yesterday, so I know where to go and what it is like.  Definitely made it a little more real - that super soon I'll be in labor with this baby, and getting ready to meet her!  I am soaking up these last few weeks of being pregnant and carrying this babe in my belly - feeling her wiggle and kick and dance in my belly is such a precious experience.  

Oh, and super happy news!  We found out last week that Max gets a break between the two courses he is taking in TX.  Guess when that break just so happens to be?!  The beginning of November!  He'll be flying back here for a week or so, and if she is late like the others, he'll be here for her birth!  Which was something we did not think was even a possibility!  Even if she does come earlier, we know he gets to come home for a time to meet her and spend some time here as a family.  Yay God! 

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  1. You look amazing and oh goodness how amazing that Max gets a break in between classes!! Yay!

  2. I really hope she decides to wait for when daddy's visiting to come! You look great.

  3. Yay!! So glad its looking like it will work out for Max to be there! You seriously are the cutest pregnant thing, ever!! Hang out for a little bit longer, Little one! :)

  4. You look great and *fingers crossed* that she makes her appearance when Max is there!



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