Painting with Daddy.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I have to admit, I am not a fan of painting with my kids.  They LOVE it, and ask to paint frequently - all I can usually think about is that there will be 3 little kids with paintbrushes in hand, and that paint will be everywhere.  So, we don't paint very often.  It's definitely a special occasion thing.  Or now, a Daddy thing.

One evening, a few weeks ago, after dinner, he suggested we get the paints out.  The kids were thrilled and I was not, as usual.  But Max was so excited to do it with him, and I just told him he got to help clean up ;)
 Love how when Ezra concentrates, he sticks his tongue out!
 It was going well, until Ezra peed in his undies/pants.  They were having so much fun, so I just stripped him down, and let him keep painting.  It was hysterical seeing his naked behind under that smock.  And then Evie walked by, accidentally swinging her brush around, artistically leaving paint splotches on his bum.  It was cracking us up!  
She was so proud of herself.  They all had such a fun time painting - and Max kept exclaiming how he was having a blast - and I just kept telling him that was great, that HE could paint with them all he wanted!  We've now painted a few times in the last couple weeks, and have some very artistic pictures to prove it.

 And for good measure, a few faces of Evie - the girl cracks me up!

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  1. This is so awesome, they all look so happy.

  2. You have the cutest kids!!! Molly sticks her tongue out while concentrating too and it always cracks me up. Love their little quirks!

    And I am not brave enough to attempt art projects with my kids either. It makes me stabby for sure.

  3. When Em was into painting I would put rubber mats down and let her go to town or take her on the driveway.

  4. Very cute pictures! I am with you though - I tend to be hesitant about messy activities still :)

  5. How fun!! I don't paint much with Penny for the messy reason too... though water colors are pretty safe.



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