Evie walks!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I shared this video on IG last week, but figured I'd share it again on the blog.  

Evie has always run on her own schedule, and accomplished milestones in her own time and way - much like my other kiddos, she is an independent and determined little one.  She has been crawling for months, but never really had an interest in walking.  We would try to hold her hands and walk around, or give her something to push, but she didn't want much of it - she could get where she wanted (and quickly!) by crawling, and she was happy to keep it that way!  It was only in the last month or so, that she started walking around objects, and wanting to push toys around the house.  But then, last week, at almost 16 months, she took her first steps all on her own, making me a proud mama!  

I took the video a day or two after she took her official unassisted "first steps" - and a week later, she is walking across rooms and through the house.  It's been catching me off guard to see her toddling around, so proud of herself, usually holding a blanket or toy in her hand.  Of course, if we try to get her to "show off" on Skype, she'll plop right down with a smirk, not wanting to perform - she definitely beats to her own drum, and I love that about her!  

So proud of my little Evelyn Raberta.  Now, if only we could get her to use words...

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  1. Oh goodness she is so cute! Yay for walking. :)

  2. Aww yay -- she's off and running! {and the words bit? L was like that. Its only been recently that he took off talking, and he just turned two. Over night, and now we cant get him to stop! Kids are funny that way!}



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