A day at the beach.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Last Saturday, when Mark & Amy were here, we packed some lunches, loaded up the vehicles, and drove down to Pfeiffer Beach, past Big Sur.  We went there over the summer, and were eager to go back to enjoy the purple sand and crashing waves once more.  It did not disappoint.  The morning started out a bit chilly, but after awhile, the sun warmed things up, and we shed sweaters and shoes.  

We spent a few hours eating lunch, playing in the sand, appreciating the beauty of the beach, and hanging out with each other.  Mark & Max adventured on rocks, while the kids scooped sand and dumped bucket after bucket.  It was a good day at the beach, soaking up the sunshine, and appreciating the beauty around us.   

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  1. Is Eliana - kissing Ezra? choking Ezra? or telling him a secret while choking him? Tee, hee! Beautiful pictures - I love the tree one on the side of the hill!

  2. Those babies are going to have the best memories.

  3. Great photos!! You guys have such fun.



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