Saturday beach trip {Pfeiffer Beach}

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saturday morning, after a delicious meal of breakfast burritos, we headed south down Hwy 1, along the coast, to Pfeiffer Beach, one of the many Big Sur beaches.  The hour drive took us right along the ocean, with breathtaking views of the bright blue water, rocky cliffs, and rollings fields.  It was a gorgeous drive, and I was so happy the sun was out and shining.  We parked and walked a short distance to the beach, finding a little sandy nook by the hills, to settle in for sand-scooping, lunch, and sun-soaking.  There were quite a few people there (which I had expected, as everything I read said this was a popular beach stop), but it didn't feel crowded (probably because you pay to park, and they only allow so many vehicles in at a time).

Eliana and Max ventured down to the water a few times, saying it was cold after dipping their toes in.  Ezra has a pretty strong aversion to going anywhere near the water (we aren't sure where the fear developed, but he wants nothing to do with being down by the water/waves), so he stayed up by our stuff, scooping sand and watching people walk by.  There were some neat rock formations, and Max found some tide pools, with anemones, snails, and other little ocean creatures.  He was a happy man - oh my saltwater-creature-loving husband!!

We ate a lunch of sandwiches and apples and chips (most of the kids lunch ended up covered in sand!), and after awhile we headed back up the beach to our vehicle, to drive home for naps.  Evie wasn't feeling well this weekend, so she spent most of our adventure asleep or resting next to me, poor babe.  Overall, we had an awesome Saturday morning family adventure, and I am so glad we headed down to Pfeiffer beach.  The views were gorgeous and it was a lovely day!  

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  1. Oh wow this place seems amazing, I am in desperate need of a beach vacation.

  2. Your pictures make me want to pack up Micah and head to the beach when we get back to Guatemala! (except your beach is prettier, hehe)

  3. Such a pretty beach!! Hope baby girl is feeling better.



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