Marine Corps Ball 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Last night, we attended the Marine Corps Ball to celebrate the 238th birthday of the Marine Corps.  Max donned his dress blues, I got dolled up in a pretty dress, we snapped some photos, waved bye to the kiddos (who were thrilled to see us go so they could play with our friends!), and headed out to the Ball.  

It was held at a local hotel, in the ballroom.  We arrived during cocktail hour, to chat and mingle and sip on some drinks.  We headed into the ballroom to find our seats for the ceremony shortly after.  There was a bit of a mix-up on seating for me, but we got it sorted out, and eventually sat down at a table and got to know a few people.  The ceremony was good - I always love the tradition and speeches and message from the Commandant, although I think my favorite part is the cake-cutting.  Marines march the cake in on a little cart, and the cake is cut with a sword.  The first piece goes to the guest of honor, the speaker.  The next piece is then passed it to the oldest Marine in the unit, who passes it to the youngest Marine in the unit, as a way to signify how tradition and knowledge and Marine Corps wisdom is passed down from older to younger.  

There is more marching and speaking and songs, and then the ceremony is over, and dinner begins.  We had a dinner salad, steak and potatoes, broccolini and dinner rolls, followed by a cupcake.  After dinner was cleaned up, the music began and the dance floor filled up.  Max was more interested in hanging outside, chatting with buddies and people-watching.  It was fun for me to meet people he works with, and finally put faces to names!  After an hour or two, we decided to head out to a local pub, to continue the birthday celebration and get a few more drinks.  The pub felt quaint and cozy, and there were at least 20 other Marines there, celebrating and having a good time.  We made it home around midnight - which, for this mama is late, especially when little people are up and raring to go at 6am!

Attending the Marine Corps Ball was a blast - so fun to get dressed up and celebrate the 238th birthday of the Marine Corps!  Happy Birthday Marines! Oorah!

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  2. You look absolutely stunning!!!

  3. I love your dress! So pretty!

  4. Love it! You two look fabulous. That dress is beautiful!

  5. I'm so glad you had such a good time. You look gorgeous by the way. It's so fun to get dressed up every now and then. This coming from someone that dislikes dressing up ;)

  6. Y'all are a gorgeous couple! Sounds like a fun night out :)



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