Last of our October Visitors.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

We said good-bye to the last of our October visitors last week.  Great-Aunt Kathy & Great-Uncle David left a week ago, and Grandma Marilyn left last Friday.  It was a quiet house on Friday, with no guests, and I think the kids thought I was boring - they had such a good time being spoiled :)
playing Candyland with Gma // Ezra & Evie holding hands 
Mama doesn't need to be told twice to eat a donut // L & Z
Evie girl.  She isn't walking on her own yet, and doesn't have much interest in trying, but she'll push the walker around, or walk along furniture.  I think she knows she can get places faster by crawling!
The day before Kathy & David departed, we went out for an ice cream treat, and to play at the park.  The kids gobbled up their treats, and then ran around the park like maniacs! 

Gma gave the kids an easel for their birthdays, and they have been having a blast using it - there is a dry erase board on one side, and a chalkboard on the other.  They love to draw pictures and then erase it all, just to do it again.  It's fun to watch them - and to see the creative things they draw!
Last shot of most of us - minus Aunt Kathy, since she took it!  We had a blast having everybody here for a visit - going on lots of adventures, eating yummy food, getting fun gifts, and just spending time with people we love!

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  1. I love your short hair, so pretty on you!

    (And ps - I wish someone would tell me to eat a donut! And that I could find good donuts here, haha!)

  2. That last picture is wonderful! :)

  3. Isaac is doing the same thing as Evie. He walks along and behind everything but has absolutely no interest in walking by himself. It's like he saying, "Why would I walk when I can crawl twice as fast?" He'll pretend to start walking solo just to wait for our reaction, and then he'll plop down and crawl away, all the while giggling.

    You look great, by the way! Love the short hair!

  4. I love the shot of them holding hands in the car! Too sweet.

  5. The holding hands! Heart melting.

  6. What a fun visit! I love your hair, you're so pretty!



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