Aimee & Becky visit, part 4: San Francisco day trip

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A few weeks ago, when Aimee & Becky were here, we loaded in the car after breakfast, and headed north on Highway 1, for a day trip to San Francisco.  

The drive there was gorgeous - sunshine, dazzling blue ocean, and lush green hills led us north.  Our first stop was at In-N-Out Burger for lunch, just before getting into the city.  It was SUPER crowded, so we just had an outdoor picnic, which worked great!  
 Even Evie likes In-N-Out :)
 Once our bellies were full on hamburgers and fries, we drove on to see the Golden Gate Bridge.  We took in the sights and the sun, walked down to the water, and took lots of pictures!
 Aw, I love this one!
 My little chickies. 
 L, and her Auntie Aimee.  Love this one!
After walking around and taking in the bridge, we headed toward Fisherman's Wharf, to do some shopping and sight-seeing.  
 From there, we walked down to Aquatic Park and then Ghiradelli Square, where we feasted on expensive, but super delicious, ice cream sundaes.  Yum!
 We walked back to Fisherman's Wharf, and then to Pier 39, where we saw the sea lions hanging out in the afternoon sun.  
 At this point, the kids were losing steam, and it was dinner time, so we ended up at Rainforest Cafe for dinner.  The kids had a BLAST, and it was so fun seeing their reactions in the restaurant.  I think that's why we all chose to go there - for the kids, and it was SO worth it!  Fun memories were made! 
Pier 39 // Ezra eating ice cream // Ghiradelli Square
L and a present from Aimee // Golden Gate Bridge // Mama and Evie
Becky and excited L // Fisherman's Wharf // one tired little boy

It was a long day, but an awesome one!  What a fun day trip to San Francisco!  

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  1. I've never been to San Francisco, it looks amazing!

  2. You hit so many spots in one day! All I could think of the whole time I was reading this was, "Oh my kids would have crapped out there. Oh man, they missed naptime. Cue meltdowns from my 2. They went out to dinner at an actual restaurant? YOU ARE SO BRAVE." Seriously though, you are so brave, and your kids are so good.

  3. MMMMMM In N Out! I miss it. Your kids are awesome and you must be the most patient person I know! I hope to go to San Fran one day.



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